Hello and welcome

Well I am big. Big big big. I gave up the booze and lost a load of weight and then came my birthday and I put it all back on. Not all in one night you understand as that would be stupid.

So to get rid of this tyre that seems to be stuck under my jumper a visit to the gym was needed and you know something? the weight does not just drop off, you have to work at it for many weeks. I wish it was the other way round. You sit on your backside for months eating and drinking and very slowly you put weight on and in a matter of weeks it’s all gone. But for me and every one else it does not work like that. An oversight in the creation of mankind and evolution I feel.

Anyway I wonder from the path and for those who are still reading well done you. But I’m guessing you are very bored and have nothing better to do. Anyway at the risk of loosing anymore people lets get to the point. I started going to the gym and once again found I got addicted to it. I suddenly found myself wanting to run and I did, for a whole 10 minutes. That for me is a record, within a week I had built this up to running 5K.

Now for those who know me, I can be quite competitive, I never like people getting the upper hand so I decided I needed a mission, a target if you like so one text to a friend and it was clear what I would have to do.

So please follow me on my journey of amusing training and the dullness of my life while I prepare for the Bupa Great Manchester run. For those who can be bothered then I do have a Just Giving page the link can be found everywhere but just in case you’re not on Facebook or Twitter please find it at the bottom of this 1st post.

The serious bit is it is the only charity that I truly believe in. I have strong reasons for supporting them from a personal aspect. The charity is Christies and for those of you who do not know it, then it is a cancer hospital in Manchester that also carries out research. my thinking at the moment is rather than buying me a pint and a pie to celebrate as I crawl over the line to use that money as your donation but I will leave it with you. I would personally prefer the pie and pint, but I’m willing to let it pass if it means Christies gets the money it needs to continue to help those families and patients suffering from Cancer.

I hope you enjoy this blog. I will be chatting some crap a lot of the time but I do hope you enjoy watching me suffer as I try to reach my goal.

See you all soon.

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