Funny noises coming from the corner!!!

Well, 20 minutes and 4k ran, that is not that bad even if I say so myself. I think I might of done better if I had made some funny noises and pulled a face like I was going to shit myself, or maybe you do that just in the weight room.

What was odd about today was that the regular fat man was not about. Every Saturday Brain walks on the treadmill, not fast but slowly ambles along. I must point out at this juncture that I do not know if his name is Brian I’ve just made that up, he looks like a Brian but could easily be a Colin. Anyway we digress.

Brian is fat, I know I have a tyre but Brian has several tractor one stuffed under his skin and all he seems to do is walk on treadmill. For god shake walk round town man or will you take a pit stop every time you see a Greggs or Subway and in Manchester that is a lot of Pit stops. He properly drives to and from the gym as well. I really don’t see the point in people using a treadmill to walk, like I know I look like a dick on the old cross trainer, but it’s not like I can do that at home. Brian could at l;east walk on the spot without knocking over the vase from Aunt Nelsi. I would like to point out that i am not trying to be rude about Brian and his weight issue, and maybe the doctor has said try walking to loose some pounds, but this is only going to work with Brian if he stops stuffing his face with lard.

Anyway my workout was a success this week, and I feel confident that I will be able to get there, I am even looking at buying some proper trainers to replenish the old rotten pair that cling to my feet at the moment. I was in fact going to do that today, but some studio rubbish got in the way and town was a little to busy for my liking. Over the coming weeks you will see how I hate and loathe my fellow shoppers but it does not take a law degree to walk. But judging by the inept members of the human race who must all be up for a Darwin award this simple task that I Learnt 27 years ago seemed to escape the mass populous today.

Instead today town was filled with Brian’s slowly plodding along like dinosaurs, and for those who had learnt to walk had not yet mastered walking in straight lines, This was only added to by the fact we seem to be in November and Christmas is hiding around the corner and everyone decided that today would be the day to buy all the presents. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike Christmas I hate it, it seems to bring everyone out of the wood work and they only seem to clutter up the streets, and getting in my way.
I am becoming under the strong impression that we as a race should start to use signals as pedestrians and we should  have a slow and fast line with a by-law banning push chairs and mobility scooters on a Saturday. But for the next four weeks I can expect the city I love to suffer from over crowding and those out of town folks trying to soak up the wonderful Christmas atmosphere that Manchester is offering.

In other news I now have one more sponsor, bringing the grand total to £25.00.

Speak to you all later in the week.



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