Top 5 Chocolate bars

This post has come about as I have just had the pleasure of tucking into a Mars Ice Cream bar, and that got me thinking of my top five Chocolate bars. Mars is not one of them, and one of them is no longer made but I wish it was. So starting at Five, we might as well start with the one that is no longer about. If it was then it would be at the top spot.

5 The Spira

Yes my friend this little cheeky number, from Cadbury’s was pure bliss and I so want them to bring it out again. I always called it Spiral, as many boys did. This was a nice chocolate bar, made even better as you could use it as a straw to drink you tea. 

4 Fudge

This little number was advertised as “A finger of fudge is just enough” however it wasn’t. I have a sweet tooth for fudge anyway, and combining chocolate and fudge and the nice price of 10p then 12p then 15p until recent times saw the price sore to 17p mean you can gauge out on this cheeky number. At the Lowry Outlet there is a Cadbury factory shop that use to sell ten bars for a £1.00 I would eat the entire bag before I was home, the only think that comes close is the 10p Chomp bar

3 Wispa

What can I say. I never liked this bar when I was a kid. I was always a lover of the Aero, but when Cadbury released the bar once again I grew addicted to it.

2 Drifter

My friends at school would refer this to the meal in a bar. I loved these when I was at 6th form, A can of Sprite and Drifter would go down very nicely in deed, but I can always remember it would sit on your stomach, but that wafer, chocolate, caramel goodness was worth the 50p in the school vending machine.

1 Double Decker

When there were no Drifters, I use to tuck into this calorific bar. I can remember at work I got addicted to them, and as a present from the stage management team, they got me seven bars, by the end of the first show, I was disposing of the wrapper from the fourth bar. This is one of the only bars that will bring a smile to my face when i am sad. It just tastes so good.

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