Looking for a writing partner!!!

Calling all potential comedy writers. I need a partner!

As you may or may not know I love my comedy. Love it. Everything from Radio to Stand up. I often think throughout the day of funny ideas for shows, or sketches, but never have the discipline to write them down, or turn it into that little pot of gold. Well now as I approach thirty I think that may change. I want to write my own sitcom, or sketch show. But I need help, I need someone to help me to structure the comedy and input fresh ideas.

I have a wide variety from the plain bizarre to the clever thought out structured one liners. I like slapstick, and silly humour. I like the play on words and the dry sarcasm and british wit. Basically when it comes to comedy I am a whore, in-fact there is not a lot of comedy I dislike. I will always give a comedy a show the once over and will re-visit it through the ages to see if it ever improves. Little Britain never did

My comedy influence comes from a wide source of British and American writers, from all decades and I still love listening to old comedy shows on the wireless now as well as watching repeats of shows from the 60’s and 70’s that amazes my farther that I like the humour or even get it as he thinks a lot of the comedy was ‘of the time’. I also love the new comedy talent  of today, but i must say that modern British Sitcom is rather dead on the ground. There are don’t get me wrong some classics like the IT Crowd, but I am hard pushed to name any more.

A few years back, myself and an unemployed friend was going to write a sketch show, but we had a disagreement on a small detail. The idea were ASBO Aliens, which we; and I still think is an amusing idea. Picture the scene people going into an Off-Lience to buy drink, and you have a group of hooded aliens asking if you could buy them a pack of stella, and then in the next sketch there in a childs playground. The small detail came from on what they should look like. I thought the Alien out the self titled film would be good comic effect as something so scary and ugly walking around with a swagger and trackie bottoms hanging down to his ankles in a chav voice makes me smile just picturing it, however my friend thought otherwise. On the same night we also dreamt up the Blind racist, who was in fact black, I don’t know why this is funny but I think it has some thing to do with playing on the ignorance of who racists are that I think it works, Oh look what do you know? I do know why it works.

Other gems were animals against Marketing with the scene being the Caramel Bunny, and Muller cows sat round a table discussing how there being exploited. The tall midget and the writer who had Tourette’s.

So if you would like to come on board and be a comedy partner then let me know. I really want to write a show for the Radio, as I think the medium is best for comedy. I will sooner or later get around to doing a list of my comedy shows that I love, but it is a big old list, and that is easy compared to writing a six episode series of top knotch sketches.



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