Postcard #2


Well I am writing this back at the hotel, tired and thirsty and extremely hungry. Not sure what to go for tonight on the old pub menu, if it will be like last night then everything will be fabulous, I can really welcomed this place, and will be coming back here once again. But for now I am having to write this with a cup of tea and complementary biscuits. Why do they only give you two packs?

Today’s little adventure was up the Pgy trial to the summit of Snowdon, and I did it, there and back in 3 hours (which made me laugh as there were some young people dressed in all the gear feeling pleased that they’d done it in 3 hours and 15 minutes). I have not included the 30 mins I spent at the top. I then went from there on a driving mission. I love the Welsh roads so bendy and fast. I must say I am very pleased with myself that I managed to climb it and am glad I did, I wouldn’t say I’m an experienced walker but I had expected something more challenging. Don’t get me wrong it was hard in places but I was expecting a lot worst.  Anyway I am now feeling very sleepy. Tomorrow I feel will be a very slow relaxing down, walking around towns and riding on steam trains as well as running on a beach as I may be on holiday but I need to keep up the training.

Photos as always are uploaded onto my Flicker Site Link in the right hand column on main page.

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