Postcard #4 Snowdons got the height, but thats it….

The final postcard…. Boo. I’m upset about leaving and if I had no place in Manchester I would carry on living here and driving round with my little car. This postcard may cause discussion, but when I write my Wales Holiday page hopefully you will see why I make the points.

Again wonderful weather to wake up to and agin more walking. So I gt into my car and drove to Cader Idris just under 900 meters is not small, but seems to be dwarfed by its larger Cousin. I admit the walk up Snowdon is nice, but the pay off for the effort is average. Cader Idris however offers the best payoff and climb to the summit going. The rest of the day was spent driving to Corris to see a railway museum that was basically a shed, and then driving round trying to find a petrol station before Marko stopped running. At 412 Miles done on a tank I had filled up and it was on to Barmouth to see the bridge and walk along the sea front. Tomorrow is home time but not before I stop of at Electric Mountain, and the Slate Museum.

See you when I get back.

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