Call for a writing partner again

Well a while ago I sent a message to the world or rather the blogging community that I wanted to write a comedy show and was in need of a partner.

Once again I find my self trying to encourage people to the forum and become part of an inspirational writing duo, or if there was more of a murmur then I’m sure we could accommodate a gang and take the radio four comedy scene by storm.

Maybe I should recap on where my humour sits and hopefully this will attract the correct fellow comically people to find the courage to approach me.

My humour is everything, I mean from silent to slapstick, political to childish, radio to stand up, knock knock to observation and of course a bit of blue. However ‘Mrs Browns Boys’ is not on the list of comedy that I enjoy.

So what comedy do I wish to write or have a go at… The big answer is radio and whether this is in the form of sketch or a sitcom I have yet to make my mind up. I like the styles of ‘Round the Horne’ and would love to write clever with a touch of silly humour like

“I had been working on the case for some months, my constable told me that it would be easier on my back if I used my desk but I was old fashioned. The file was passed to me from the crime squad and had started when Charlie Fine enter ten puns into a pun competition hoping to win. It all kicked off when no pun in ten did and Charlie accursed the organisers of fixing. It had been an odd several months and now on this cold night I had to go to our chief suspects house. I knocked the door knocker a wonderful invention that won a Nobel prize for the inventor. After a long pause a boy answered the door in his pyjamas I thought it was an odd place to have a door but the idea was quickly forgotten as I needed to speak to his dad”

Okay I admit more silly than clever but do you think I am about to broadcast my best work on the web? I do like silly and surreal humour as at the moment the play I’m working on would be vastly improved with the addition of some birds. The comedy of course comes with picking the right bird for the scene and without droning on to give a synopsis of the show, you will just have to believe me that adding a pelican in Act 2 scene 3 would bring the house down.

So while I have not achieved my goal of attracting a writing partner hopefully I have secured a commission with Radio 4 for my Noir detective style comedy ramblings and who knows I may even go away and continue the episode for another blog post.

Now won’t that be nice?

The Dr says its good for you!

So my foot is injured and I have damaged my toe nail. I was the 3rd runner who had checked in with the doctor that day making him conclude that running must be good for you!

You see for some time now I have had a yellow toenail. A fungus infection I assumed, but in fact its occurred due to running and the constant rubbing or banging of the toe against the trainer causing the nail to be lifted off from the nail bed. The doctor diagnosed this very quickly and gave advice on how it can be prevented. On to the next query, my hurty foot. For those who have not updated themselves with my pain then allow me to summaries. I was out running and had to stop as a sharp pain was occurring on the top of my left foot. Some web browsing revealed a number of possibilities and today the doctor confirmed that it was bruised/sprained tendons caused again by the impact of running. When enquired on rest time he shrugged and suggested new trainers and to get back on it as I didn’t have much training time left.

So my question is should I remain rested and if so for how long? Or should I try a small jog tomorrow and risk injury for longer.

Maybe keeping one more day of rest and having some Ice on it again will help, I hope it does as with less than two weeks to go I’m getting concerned that I may not have trained as much as I should have.

The bigger issue is that I’m growing ever more restless and unhappy due to not jogging around my estate. I know they praise exercise for being good and making you feel well and full of energy, and I can fully agree as I love it. Its the only activity I seem to live for at the moment and being forced not to partake is killing me. So hopefully my foot will improve and I can once again start running to happiness (corny I know) again.

Writers Block

Well being a blogger it was bound to happen at some point, but it is not affecting the blogging community yet so no need to panic as I will still be churning out this old rubbish for weeks to come.

I actually have a job that pays me and thus make a living. Which is a bit of luck as the blog side of my life seems to fail at bringing in any real monetary reward. In fact at the last count I had earnt a total of zero pence.

Now this other job or the day job is the wonderful world of theatre and I am a member of an organisation where I hold a position on there exec panel. Now I don’t have to, but it is expected that from time to time I should put pen to paper and write an article for the magazine. This is now the time, as it has been several months since I last wrote and now am struggling with an idea for an interesting fruitful article.

The trouble is I have several ideas, but none that would spin into a 300 word article or that I could sew together to make a coherent read. So instead of writing the article I thought I would turn to my blog for ideas and get the creative juices flowing by writing this. I can for those who are questioning can inform you all that it has not helped one little bit.

So as I draw this mini adventure to a close I turn my thoughts into spinning several notes into a worth while read.

Bored at work

Well being that all last week took me twice the time it should have to commute up Manchester Road, today I decided to set of early to make sure any traffic that tried to hamper my progress did so in the allotted time I had put aside.

But I have now been here at work sat watching telly completely bored. There was no traffic and I practically sailed into work.

I’m now sat here nursing my foot which is still in pain and am unsure what I have done to it but I know its making me sad as I can’t run at the moment along with not being bothered with life or any of my mates, not sure why just want to hide away.

I’m hoping it gets better come the weekend as I’m thinking of going to Wales for the weekend for some walking, but also I don’t think I can go a whole week not beating the streets.

Anyway… Time to go.

You know when your addicted when…..

Well I have thought it. Why else would I wake up at 7 to go for a run. Why else would I jog everyday, watch what I ate, and pushed myself to the limits if I wasn’t addicted to this sport or some may say torture that is running. Well now it’s official I am now addicted. Apart from buying the lycra and sport clothing I am now one of those people who shell out the £5.00 for a magazine. A magazine you say? Yes a Magazine. I started reading my mates fitness mags like Mens health and I often flicked through the running ones when I travelled through Smiths, but now I have purchased one and pray to my running god that it is worth it. The Mens Fitness is worth it even if I use to think it was odd for people to buy this and always wondered who went to smiths to buy a copy but they have some good articles and tips on how to train and cool down etc etc so lets hope that it can improve my time and my running technique. I will of course let you lovely people know.

Right now I’m off to find some good running blogs.

Planning the next

Well after a week of sitting down and doing nothing, I have kicked started my training and to be honest it was like I had never been away.

And while I am now looking at buying new shorts and tops (partly because of the weight that has gone, but also because I am now taking the whole thing serious enough to spend on money on it) I am looking forward to the next race. The 10K has not even happened yet, but I am already looking at doing the half marathon some where, but before then I will be doing the Manchester to Blackpool 60 mile bike ride in July.

This fitness lark is really taking me. I would never of thought I would become this addicted but here we are, six months on and I feel ill when I don’t do something energetic.

So here’s to a life of different runs and physical activity.

Not wearing it well!

Well, the last couple f weeks have been horrible. I have been driving miles, or stuck in a dark theatre for fourteen hour days, meaning that my legs have not been able to stretch as much they would like.

This week I don’t think my lips have seen any fruit, but they certainly made friends with cake and biscuits that is not a look that a wear well. I am now feeling decisively podgy but weigh the same and I need to get back to running and training my body feels shit and as I write this my leg are twitching as they know that in a couple of hours they will be beating around Sale Water Park getting the exercise that they fully deserve.

Thank god then that this week I can run till all that I want. So let the training begin.