A Different Path!

I’m not sure how to write this, or go about explaining it. But a couple of years ago now I made a list of objectives or aims to have completed by the wonderful age of 30. I am now not far off that age. Five months to be accurate. Now I never thought I would be one of those people who would be cut up about turning 30 but it turns out I am, and some may say with no real reason, but without revealing the list, then I have manged to complete 2 of the ten items. that’s 20% that’s a fail, that’s not even a GCSE U grade that’s a N that’s a throw it in the bin and curl up and die percentage. Off course give it another five years and 20% will get you an A* at GCSE and a First with Hons from Bolton University, but were not in the future five years from now, were here in the present and I have completed 20% of my list, and it’s making me feel quite down as I know I won’t complete anymore of it.

To put some light on the list the ones that I have ticked off are ‘Learn to Drive’ and ‘Loose weight’ Now some of you may remember my New Years Eve blog post that said I wasn’t going to make any pointless resolutions, but I would create a list, well I must say I think all of those were completed, but they were jokey, my list of ten were life affirming, changing, status of where I should be at 30.

One of the larger ones was my career, that has basically plateaued and it’s with each year, as it continues along the straight path, with no ladders or slight incline ahead I have decided to end it. With the next couple of months if my act is gotten together I will hopefully be making a career change. But the question is how do you go about it? How do you take your skills from one industry and fill out a C.V or application form for another industry. This is what I am finding hard at the moment, I don’t even know what I want to go into. Some people are luckily they know they want to be a train driver, or a police person, I know I want to work with History, something like the National Trust, I want to be paid well, so I can buy a house, and a new car in two years time, I want to save more than £50.00 a month in my pension to give me some fighting chance of surviving the winter when I’m 80. I want a new career, but all the jobs I want to do, are asking for NVQ’s in this or Degrees in that, and I don’t have those skills. I’m not a historian. So over the next couple of months I am going to be reading a lot of paper work and applying for a lot of jobs and hope that the industry I have spent the last 12 years in has given me enough transferable skills to seek new employment.

If not then there is always teacher training.

Lets do it 10K!!!!!

That was supposed to be a play on words. Sorry it was rubbish, it was no play on words what so ever. It was supposed to sound like ‘Lets do it again’

I am now planning to do Manchester 10K and the Sheffield 10K, and can’t wait. I just need to rest and get my foot back to normal, to start running. The foot held out on the race, it did start hurting at 5K, but I pushed through, and this week it has been okay but it feels like the pain could start-up at anytime. So i am taking 2 weeks off running to fully rest those tendons.

So on to bigger and better runs, hopefully this time next year I will be writing about my prep for the Great North Run, after a very quick and successful Manchester Run.

Suits You Sir!!!

Well, I have a wedding, not mine…. Well I hope it isn’t mine, no one has told me and I can’t remember asking anyone. I can remember however accepting an invite to one of my closest friends to attend their special day. All I need is a suit, I don’t own one and resent having to wear one. Ever since 6th Form where we had to wear suits as our uniform, I have never worn a suit since. Weddings  have gone and I have manage to get away with smart trousers and a shirt and tie, but this is special, and I do need a suit as more and more friends are throwing there lives away…. Sorry I mean getting married.

For this I needed a suit so headed to Slaters, I’ve been told they were cheap, and money was an important factor, This blog is the wonderful world of suit shops and their expertise, I must say there was no checking to see which way I hung but there was an awful lot of eyeing up and down.

I walked in, and an old man, not to unlike the old guy in ‘Are being served’ asked exactly that. ‘I’m looking for a suit I said” The man took one look at me and sighed, ‘You don’t wear suits do you?

I admitted that it had been some time and it had been, over ten years since I last wore a blazer and trousers, my brothers wedding saw me in smart shirt and black trousers and other weddings since have had the outting of a non matching jacket courtesy from a friend, but he now lives away from the city so I decided to bite the bullet. “No I don’t, my line of work does not call for it!’

He gave me another look and zoomed off to the other side of the shop, he glided towards me with a jacket. ‘Try that on for size’ There was some trouble as I went to hold the jacket, but it seemed that this was his job, and mine was to merely slip my arms through the sleeves. ‘How does that feel?’ ‘Fine” I replied, a little tight’ ‘Yes you have long arms for you body’ With that he glided off to another jacket. Once this had been sorted and he now knew my size the selection process started, questions about the use and time of year and colour were asked. I gave my answers and before I knew it I had 3 suits that I would never have dreamed to look at. I tried them on, and they were all great, felt good and looked good. I chose some myself only to be faced with a nodding head of disapproval ‘that won’t suit you sir”

And you know what? the guy was correct, it didn’t. I found it fantastic the way he knew my size and colour and shape all my eying me up. The last thing to do was to make the adjustments and measure the legs.

All I have to do now is find a shirt and tie to match the new suit, and make sure I don’t spill any food down it at the wedding.

Also needs to polish my shoes.

Need to do quite a lot of stuff, oh well best get on with.

A Short one

And it was, 10K felt like a lot when I ran it in training, but the Manchester 10K was fun. I loved every minute of it, and really enjoyed it. I am now entering the Sheffield run, and looking for more 5 and 10K’s to do. Soon I will be doing half marathons and then who knows maybe New York and London.

My target of 500 quid was not reached, but the Just Giving page is not closed yet, so who knows I may still get to the target.

My race time was no PB but at 51 minutes I was very happy with that, especially as I had not trained for a month before hand due to injury which is still plaguing me at the moment.

Oh well on to the next one.

Two Days

Well two days to go, until 12:10 and the firing gun sounding the start of the race, or for me a bit of a hobbling round.

Today I went for a 3K run to test the old foot and managed just fine. The foot felt a little sore towards the end but hopefully my pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs are taking the swelling down of the Tendons. So hopefully come Sunday I will be able to run the 10K with everyone else.

Here’s hoping.

Self Destruction – A Short Story

Simon retired to bed earlier than normal, for no other reason from boredom. He had been to the gym and had spent the rest of the day milling around the flat watching the usual scheduling on television. As Simon drifted of into a deep sleep he found himself walking down a street towards a cliff.

Below were the jagged rocks that the white waves crashed over, behind him was the path. Surly he had not taken a wrong turn, he was sure of it, he had followed the trail and should have arrived or at very least be continuing along. But he was stuck, he was stationary. Simon was thirty and had not achieved a great deal in his career, he had set himself certain goals and ambitions and had always felt he should have reached them by the time of his thirtieth birthday. With only months until that engagement it was now Simon had begun to think about the goals he had not yet scored.

Has he circled the spot where he stood, Simon knew there were three options open to him, one to carry on over the cliff, who would miss him, who would know? There was no one about to witness his downfall, he had in real life managed to alienate his friends, those close to him, the one who cared. but there were other options, he could stay in this rut, and remain stood and make a life for himself here, or, he could trace his steps and find an alternative path. But the light was fading and it was fading fast. Simon knew that if he failed to find his location by nightfall then all would be lost.

In the real world Simon stirred as his imagination carried his dream forward. Simon had now been out of work for several weeks. The past four years had seen him succeed at being self-employed even with no hope from making his first million you could always describe him as comfortable. But the recent banking crisis and his indecisive nature and ever-growing dislike for the job saw a sharp fall in his income. While still being able to feed and house himself the comfortable life was nowhere to be seen.

The sun was setting faster now, and Simon knew he had to make his mid up. There was nothing here. It was desolate, but it could be like that at the end of any path, and if he did trace his steps that would be a chance he would never make his destination. The fear of being stuck on a path to nowhere caused Simon to curl up like a sleeping baby. Simon was scared, he knew that what decision he made, would be the wrong one some how.

Simon had gone to bed in his usual affair. Hot chocolate and his laptop watching some documentary on BBC Four, half way though Simon would find himself rolling over and slowly the power of sleep would fall on him. Simon would never normally dream, not that he knew off anyway. Tonight was special and unbeknown to Simon the action that his dream character carried out, would affect Simon when and if he woke the next day.

Simon had carried out his operations the same way for the last ten years. He was hoping that surly by now he would get the phone call or the big break. The little jobs that would keep him enthused in the industry were no longer coming along and the love that had once possessed him was loosening her grip. It would be a matter of months till the love affair was over. There was no fork in the road, it was now straight on to self-destruction or fast track back along the road, to find another route, another passage, or a road, or a lane anything that would lead to a different ending. Simon looked up, and saw the sun was hovering above the horizon, he knew one thing, and that was he could not stay here.

He stood up and looked left to the cliff edge, he slowly walked to the crumbling edge, and forced himself to peer over. He had to steady himself as he felt his stomach lift to his chest and he fell backwards taking deep breaths from the thought, from the shock, from the realisation of what he could have done. He stood again, and looked behind him, to the long straight road that vanished into the clouds. He turned around and positioned both feet so the his toes were hanging of the cliff. He turned his head round as the wind blew and felt a rain drop land on his forehead. As it ran down his nose, Simons head turned back to look at the rock below. The rain drop hung before it finally descended to the water below.

The alarm abruptly woke Simon. With a swift fluent motion he grasped his phone and switched it off and went back to sleep.

A week from yesterday!!!

Well for those people who read it, and no one did, according to my stats, a week last Sunday, I set of in the car and drove to favourite hide away. The trouble was being a bank holiday weekend and being very sunny every one else had the same idea.

I arrived at Snowdon at around 10.30, most of the car parks were full, but I managed to find a little spot for me polo in the Park and Ride. I boarded the S1 bus and set off toward the Snowdon. This time I thought, I will climb via the Miners track and come down the Pyg track. To be honest I really wished I had not bothered. There were thousands of tourists there, and people walking in trainers as they tried to scramble up to the top. At the section where Miners meets Pyg was like the M25 on a friday afternoon. This was not enjoyable. Even those who had decided to come dressed in all the gear were struggling. These people are worst than the trainer brigade. “Lets do walking? now what do we need? Lets buy everything that the man in the shop tells us and go hiking” No lets not, as you’re slowing me up.

Now I’m a fast walker anyway, and I managed to complete the route in 1hr 30 minutes. Now all I had to do was get down. I decided to abandon pyg track for the Llanberis route, that was more of a walk down, that twisted down following the railway. Now I don’t understand some people who decide to walk up this way, as you have the constant reminder that you could have purchased a ticket to ride the train, plus the last mile or so, is quite a steep gradient, which I would say is harder than the scramble you have to endure on the pyg tack.

Anyway, back at my hotel I was planning to climb Cadiar Idris again, my best mountain, and was speaking to my friend on-line about it. he recommended that I should do Trfan, a small but challenging structure. So I read about it, and was convinced this was for me.

So off I set to find Tryfan, and I was not disappointed. It was a scramble all the way up. With it’s two peaks, and its narrow rock crossing to the summit, this is truly an exhilarating climb. This website describes it best http://www.lakelandwalks.info/Others/Tryfan.htm

After that I went back and hung in Bewtsy-coed not really wanting to go home, but I knew I would have to at some point, and with reluctance I got in my car and drove back to Manchester.

Well Thank you very much

Very short post, to say thanks to all those who took the opinion of “If you don’t know then vote no” or for those who could not be bothered to vote, or to even take an hour to do some basic research.

To say it was the wrong question at the wrong time is bollocks. If it was, then why did people only start to notice it might have been the wrong time a couple of days ago, and not five months ago when we could have cancelled and rearranged. To insult people that they had too much other stuff to think about is absurd. I have stuff to think about all the time, it only takes minutes to read up on it… It’s not like we were doing a general election and studying for finals, and building a house, and saving the earth from a green lobster that had a laser attached to its claw. No. We were just being asked to put an X in a box, for some several boxes, we knew this day was coming, but had left it to late.

I also thought the whole campaign focused on Party Politics rather than the actually question of reform in the commons.

So that’s it. No chance of reforming, unless the rumours about a push to PR in the commons is true, but if they said we were too thick to understand AV how on earth are they expecting us to understand PR.

Yes or No

Right this is really simple, all you have to do is place a X next to Yes or No, but being that 60% of the voting population can’t do that on General Election day, why would I expect people to get off their bums and vote for something that could and is going to change the political system.

The referendum on May 5th could see the biggest political shake up in over a 100 years, and it is your chance to have a say. For all those people who moan about my vote makes no difference, then AV would make your vote count, all be it in the 2nd or 3rd rounds in some areas.

I am not going to bang on about how AV works. It’s really quite simple and I have posted some youtube video to explain for those people (Newsreader and T.V Makers) who still are not be clear on it.

I was quite shocked when at work we were talking about the vote, and some one guessed that I would be voting NO. I am part of the YES campagne, I am in fact wanting to see a large turn around in the way our country is run.

I don’t want to tell you to vote Yes or No, but I am telling you to go and vote. It could make Macclesfield a labour strong hold as the 30% share that the Tories have held for the last 30 years would show that Macclesfield does not want the Conservatives representing them in the house. And do remember that about our system, we are voting for a candidate to represent your town, you do not vote for who governs the country, it just so happens that the party with the most seats are asked to form a government. So for all those people who voted labour who said that they wasted there vote as the Tories are in power, I ask you to look at your MP and if his the one you voted for you didn’t waste your vote. It’s how our system has worked. Remember the King ruled the country, and people would stand to represent local issues in London. This is still the case, it is the King or Queen who asks the party with the majority to form his or hers government. But now they no longer advise, they rule.

I have already voted and sent it off, I know what the result will be, but I am hoping that the “I’s” will have it. (Nice little political pun/joke)

Are you wearing trainers? Then go home!

Now I’m not some one who is a snob, well I am but I don’t act it like, but today my fun was completely spoiled as ‘tourists’ decided to walk to the summit of Snowdon.

Now some of these people were dressed in the correct attire, but the majority were there sporting the shoes fit for an athletic trail. Now Snowdon is by no means hard, little rats that look like dogs walk up. Children pull there parents up, but people should learn that foot wear, and appropriate use is good for you. Now I might just be buying into all this rubbish, but I find with my running footwear that is designed for that purpose helps me and protect my feet.

What also seemed to annoy me to day was those people who decided that they must buy all the footwear, tools and kit, but were hopeless at walking. Now I’m a quick walker, and tend to storm ahead, but some people were just so slow, and they had the socks for god’s shake. Even I don’t own the socks. I really don’t know what is worst, people who don’t normally do it, hiking in their civilian wear, or people who buy the kit and hike it. you can see these people in the gym, who buy all the gym kit, in matching colours because they think that is what you should do.

Anyway, I walked a new route up Snowdon, and because of all the idiots decided to descend it the easy way, rather than forming a long line to scramble down a rock. I originally intended to go up Miners and come down Pyg, maybe I will be able to achieve that tomorrow, or maybe I will do my best mountain Cadier Idris.

Well I am sure I will let you all know. But for now I am going to sink back into this quiet family hotel, which is by far one of the main reasons for me returning.

Hope you have all had a good Bank Holiday and weekend, I know that I have.