A week from yesterday!!!

Well for those people who read it, and no one did, according to my stats, a week last Sunday, I set of in the car and drove to favourite hide away. The trouble was being a bank holiday weekend and being very sunny every one else had the same idea.

I arrived at Snowdon at around 10.30, most of the car parks were full, but I managed to find a little spot for me polo in the Park and Ride. I boarded the S1 bus and set off toward the Snowdon. This time I thought, I will climb via the Miners track and come down the Pyg track. To be honest I really wished I had not bothered. There were thousands of tourists there, and people walking in trainers as they tried to scramble up to the top. At the section where Miners meets Pyg was like the M25 on a friday afternoon. This was not enjoyable. Even those who had decided to come dressed in all the gear were struggling. These people are worst than the trainer brigade. “Lets do walking? now what do we need? Lets buy everything that the man in the shop tells us and go hiking” No lets not, as you’re slowing me up.

Now I’m a fast walker anyway, and I managed to complete the route in 1hr 30 minutes. Now all I had to do was get down. I decided to abandon pyg track for the Llanberis route, that was more of a walk down, that twisted down following the railway. Now I don’t understand some people who decide to walk up this way, as you have the constant reminder that you could have purchased a ticket to ride the train, plus the last mile or so, is quite a steep gradient, which I would say is harder than the scramble you have to endure on the pyg tack.

Anyway, back at my hotel I was planning to climb Cadiar Idris again, my best mountain, and was speaking to my friend on-line about it. he recommended that I should do Trfan, a small but challenging structure. So I read about it, and was convinced this was for me.

So off I set to find Tryfan, and I was not disappointed. It was a scramble all the way up. With it’s two peaks, and its narrow rock crossing to the summit, this is truly an exhilarating climb. This website describes it best http://www.lakelandwalks.info/Others/Tryfan.htm

After that I went back and hung in Bewtsy-coed not really wanting to go home, but I knew I would have to at some point, and with reluctance I got in my car and drove back to Manchester.


One thought on “A week from yesterday!!!

  1. fred May 11, 2011 / 02:47

    Nice trip! ^_^

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