Donating by Text

Well donating as just got easier. As you know I am rasing money for Christies and the campaign is not going to well. It is still in the early days yet, and I now have £5 in the pot.

The fiver arrived through the new Just Giving method. Vodafone free of charge are allowing people to text their donations. So if you would like to donate quickly and can’t be bothered creating a Just Giving account then all you need to do is select an amount from £1 to £10 and send it in a message to 70070 along with LDEX73 in the subject.



Message: LDEX73  £10

What could be easier. You will then receive a text saying your donation as been succesful with a link to gift aid your donation. It would be great for those who do donate, to also gift aid, as we raise more money that way.

Hopefully soon I will start y training as i feel my foot my be finally on the mend, but for safety am giving it another week of no running to make completely sure.

Take a Pill

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a post about GP’s and how useless they are at curing or finding what is wrong with you. Oh know. I like the GP, they have a hard job, they have to know everything, and sometimes this is their downfall.

I visited my GP again this week to get to the bottom of the foot issue. I will run again I am determined of that and because of this I want to have a foot that does not collapse half way through the run. Now I visited my GP when the issue first came about and he told me it was tendons, and to carry on running. Dr Google said to rest for 3 – 4 weeks. A friend got me in to see a physio and he said it wasn’t really tendons but  Bio-mechanical, as I had a weak hip, so the impact of running was not travelling through the leg, it was stopping at my foot.

I did the race anyway, and rested for 2 weeks. Tried another run, and it flared up again, so I rested it, and now on the 4th week there is no improvement so off to the doctors. He has prescribed me some very strong anti-inflammatories to kill any swelling that may be on the tendons. Looking at Dr google I saw that it could be a stress fracture, the real Doc assures me that it is muscle and tendon damage, as stress fractures occur further down the foot.

So with these incredible strong pill’s and pill’s seem to be the answer for doctors, as I told him about the hip and physio of which he poohed poohed. Hopefully I will be able to start running before July, and build my strength up and really start to train in August.

Which I suppose leaves me with time to get sponsorship which is going really slow at the moment. Anyway time to take a pill.

Site Stats

Should I believe these? Should I really think that 300 people are reading this dribble?

If I do, then over 200 people a day are reading the page ‘My Top 5 Bridges’ I am not offended that there are not reading the other quality writing that is on offer here, but I am confused on why in the past week this topic has gathered so much interest. I can not say that I am an authority on the subject of bridges, but I know what I like and I wrote my top five down with pictures.

I am also confused on the referral tab, as it is saying yesterday 8 people were referred from Facebook, now I didn’t post a link on Facebook to my blog, so who did? did some one who read the bridge page, like it so much they posted a link on their FB page???

It is interesting to see what people read and what they ignore. There are some pages on here that have only had my eyes scan the words and others like the Bridge Page that have now had almost a 1000 people digest the information and pictures.

Oh well. At least I know people are reading some of what I have written.

Said it before, but if it’s worth saying it’s worth saying twice….

Or even worth saying three or four times. I have mentioned this now several times, but if Radio 4 and Radio 4 extra can repeat these shows then I’m allowed to repeat myself. Radio comedy is ace. I love it. prefer it from telly comedy. There is nothing better than to close my eyes, or go for a drive (not at the same time) and listen to the panel argue if it was repetition or picturing the image that is being voiced to me. I recommend you also listen to radio comedy, especially if you’re a fan. I also recommend you check out these shows below. These are my best radio shows that I love and admire. Many of them turned into telly shows that were equally as funny, but the radio versions still make me wet myself. It also explains my sense of humour and shows the influence of some of the todays comedies. Some shows are modern but the majority date back to the fifties, and some are still running. So here is the list, in no order. there are some that are Television shows that in the 80’s when radio comedy was short, they reversed the process and made them available for a radio audience like Dad’s Army and Yes Minister.

there all the ones that come to mind at the moment, but there are at least twice that many that I love.

Update, and Other News

Well, it’s been four days since my Just Giving page went live, and with several posts to Twitter and Facebook I am waiting for the donations to come rolling in. One of my friends said that I would have raised more money on the Manchester 10K if I had not posted my running maps and results showing or even proving that I had the ability to complete a distance of 10K. In his words ‘If you had just asked for money and told people you were running 10K people would have gone, What Fatty run 10K he’s never run anywhere, I loved to see that here’s a fiver’ My point here is am i finding it hard, as it’s only been a couple of weeks since I last asked, and are people thinking that ‘he can do it’ ‘It’ll be easy for him’ so there not showing support by donating.

However 13.1 Miles is not a 10K and is a lot harder, hopefully the donations will come in nearer he time, but I have £600 that I have to pledge to the charity and I feel it is a worth while one. Maybe I need to do other events and get sponsorship that way as well, do a cake sale to raise funds, not moan for a week or stand in Market Street with bucket and some stickers. Any ideas would be most helpful, as would any spare change people have. While I have not started to train yet, as I am still waiting for my foot to heal, I’m hoping that when I do, I will have the 13 miles down to a cool run in the park, but with only July and August to do my training in, I’m getting quite worried that I do not have enough time.

In other news, There isn’t really any. I was going to write a blog about confidence but there isn’t really enough material for it, plus I disagree with my mates comment about it. I did have a nice little sleep this afternoon that was nice.

In conclusion please do let me know if you have any fundraising ideas, and if you your self would like to donate, then please click the link in the side bar, marked my Please Sponsor me for Great North Run. Or if you would like to give in the old way then drop me a line.

Thank you.

If I had a Million Dollars. Or in this case a Million Pounds!!!

Did you enjoy that song. I like it, and listened to it just now. This blog comes out of the fact that my best mate, has always suggested he may and knowing him he’ll keep his word, has said that if he won the lottery then he would more than likely share the wealth as he would not know what to do with all that money. He has said pay his mum and dads mortgage, buy a house, a car etc etc.

This got me thinking on what I would do if I won the lottery. Rather than writing a huge blog, I thought I would list my items that I would buy and in no order, here is how I would spend my lottery winnings.

  • Car (Golf 98 Model)
  • Car (Polo 2011)
  • House in Cheshire
  • House in New Zealand
  • House in Snowdonia
  • Flat in Manchester, Newcastle, London, Cornwall, Glasgow
  • A Giant train Set (Life Size) Steam off course
  • Canal Boat
  • Air Craft Hanger with a huge train set layout
  • My Own Theme Park
  • My own Castle, or several Castles. One of which in Scotland
  • My own theatre and theatre company
  • Donation to Christie’s. Don’t forget you get donate to Christie’s, and hep me raise my target for the Great North Run by clicking this link, or the one in the side bar.
  • My own gym
  • A road bike
  • State of the art running things
  • A huge telly for my new house.
  • Loads of dogs.
  • A trip round the world to see train stations and canals and castles and everything medieval.
Was it what you expected. It is really quite hard to think about it. I would also share the wealth with friends and family. If not only because it be boring having all that money and no one to enjoy it with.  But I am a scrooge, so i may just pop it in savings account and moan about the interest rate.
What would you all spend it on. It is all a lot of money.

Never done!

Well this is a simple ad short one. I’m not going to list the things I have never done, but there is one that I am about to do. That is camping. Now I would describe myself as a novice camper, pretty much inexperience and by that I mean under the canvas, Apart from the nights in the back garden, when my ma and pa threw me out of the house I have never been camping.

However come July that will all change, as I will trekking off to Scotland, The Lakes and my best place of all Wales to climb mountains and be eaten by insects.

Now I use to be the lad to run up and down trees and have no fear, but with age comes great responsibility to stay alive. I am not for one minute suggesting that camping under the stars may kill you, but there is a chance you don’t hear the combine harvester in Mr Giles’s field.

I now with age like my comforts. The cooked breakfast which is served by a waitress, a hot powerful shower, with clean bed linen on a comfortable bed with hot chocolate and a television, (and by that I don’t mean the waitress and the bed and hot chocolate is in the hot shower, these are all separate items I enjoy about hotels) but this can be expensive and camping can be cheap and I will be indulging in this activity for the first time in July. At least I will have my mountain climbing to take my mind of the creepy crawlies and one of my best friends to take the piss out of me.

So while 2011 has not allowed me to complete any of my must do list, it does seem to be the year of me catching up on taking holidays. If climbing mountains and sleeping under cloth is your idea of fun. I know half of it currently is… We will have to wait until July to see if the other is fun in my book.