Running on Empty

Today I woke at 8am to keep the promise that I would be going on a long 10 mile run after giving my body a day off from the extreme running and weight training that it has endured during the past week.

It took some effort to get up I can tell you, I was not tired as I had retired the night before at 11pm but it was more a sense of not being bothered. Anyway I got changed, did some warm ups and I was out of the door with no planned route, I knew roughly what 10 miles was as I have run that distance before so I just set out running turning left or right following my 10K route where I would soon turn off and start running towards the Manchester City stadium and then back into town and around Ancoats that surly should be 10 miles.

All was going well, I thought I was going slow and steady, but my results that I have uploaded showed I was doing my 7.30/mile pace for the first 3 miles only to slow to around 8.10/mile once I got into it (This needs to be sorted, if I am to run a marathon I need to be doing training runs of at least 10.30/11/mile). Around 3 miles I started getting pins and needles in my left foot so paused to loosen the laces and started up again. I enjoyed running in the rain, it was nice and refreshing and took the mind of the cold however when I looked at my Garmin to check my time, and distance I saw a square box that was surrounding the letters that made up the following message “Battery Low” Dam it I thought that’s not going to be good. Am I just going to have to do 2 laps of my 10K or will it last? Before I could make a decision I had started running towards Man City. Now my constant twitching of the head to the Garmin was not to check distance, time, HB, pace but to check it was still alive.

Coming towards the end of the run the Garmin was still running on empty and so were my legs, I was a mile away from my house and thinking maybe I should stop at 9 miles and walk the rest as a cool down, but the Garmin was still alive so I strode on, as I turned the bend on Roachdale Rd, I was 3 minutes from my front door and I had a look to see how many more miles I needed to achieve, was I to do a couple of laps of the park, or my block to make it up to 10 miles. The watch face glowed with 9.68. I thought this was good, maybe just a lap of the street would reach my ten mile target, and as this thought entered my mind the LCD screen slowly faded away to nothing. No my battery had died, why oh why didn’t I charge it up.

I finished the run and stopped short from my house. Having learnt the lesson on fuelling your body for long runs and taking on liquids a long time ago, I have now learnt to make sure my Garmin is fully charged before I leave the house.

One thought on “Running on Empty

  1. runslikeapenguin December 12, 2011 / 14:57

    I can empathise with this lesson learned. Keeping your running kit all together is another one I’ve learned the hard way, after spending wasted minutes in the morning hunting round for running socks

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