Better Off

For the first time in years I am better off. I often wait for the BBC to produce their budget calculator to see if you would be better or worse off with the budget. 

Now for those who do not follow British politics, then yesterday we had our budget and while the sticking point will be the so called tax increase for pensioners which is actually a tax freeze, meaning their allowance will no longer grow year on year then for the first time I am better off. Even under labour I was never better off come the budget. While I am not a Tory boy I am one of the few people who don’t care that the Lib Dems got into bed with the Conservative party and lets face it looking at ‘History’ the Tories have always pulled the UK out of recession and helped the country grow after Labour have trod it into the ground. The Lib Dems found a deal with the Tories who seemed willing to compromise unlike the Labour party that walked away from negotiating table to form a government when the results of the election showed a hung parliament. 

Now to say I agree with all polices would not be true, but I feel they are doing the best job with the budget as to me at the moment seems fair and the best option. I feel that some people need to read beyond the headlines and topic headlines before they start to have a go. If anyone had bothered to read the Lib Dems manifesto then maybe they would be completely surprised at some of the actions the government have taken. As a lot of people see Lib Dem as too mean “Socialist” but thats Labour. The Liberal Democrat party has grown from a very conservative background over the last hundred years and while it gave us the state pension it has voted against several other social reform bills.

Oh well now that I have made myself seem like a tory boy I suppose I better go and hang my head in shame. But the overall point is that for the first time in ten years I am actually better off, and not just by £4.80 , no I’m talking about over £400.00 a year. Now I very much doubt labour would have done that for me.

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