Said it all before

I’ve said it all before, but I really do wish people know how to drive on British roads, and in particular our motorways.

I was reminded of this fact as I drove along one my all time roads the A590 and suddenly realised that people didn’t know that the speed limit was 70 mph. They saw the National Speed limit sign and thought it must be 60, but forget the simple rule in the highway code that says when there is a centre reservation barrier on a duel carriage way the speed limit is 70.

This little drop in speed did not bother me, as I was saving fuel and was quite happy travelling along at 60, even on the motorway, and this is where the real issue comes. I know how to use the motorway and for those who don’t or do not live within the UK, then basically we have three lanes. Ideally everyone should use the inside lane, and only use the other two when they need to overtake. What happens is people think the first lane is slow, middle is for people doing 70, and the outside lane being the fast lane. This is not the case. I was travelling along at 62 mph as that is the best speed for my fuel economy. But yet in the inside lane, I was undertaking those in the other two lanes. What this also means is that when I want to over take the HGV in front which is limited at 60, I can’t, as there are drivers who are running along at 60, or 65 in the middle lane.

That’s is it, not much of a rant. But it is very annoying.

Here’s the other time I spoke about Motorways 

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