Rotten to the Core

Hello. This is a break from running and a good old rant like I use to do so those who know me can sit back and imagine me all animated changing the pitch of my voice and waving my arms around like a man processed.

So where did this rant come from. Well it started bubbling into a life over a year ago when Apple announced it would end MobileMe and replace with cloud and everyone would have to migrate their accounts and do it by themselves and if you had failed to move your account by June or July of this year then you could wave goodbye to your email and contacts and calendars. The issue with this is, you had to upgrade to Lion to be able to upgrade to the ‘Cloud’ I hate Lion, its rubbish it basically turns your mac into an iPhone or iPad of which I have great distaste for.

Anyway I made this happen, and the minute I did my Blackberry (best for emails) beeped. Your .Mac email is not valid, please confirm your password. I did. I still got the same message. Straight onto Vodafone and straight to one of their off shore call centres where if your issue is not listed on the script in front of them they can’t help. In fact they don’t understand your issue. I had two customer service people tell me, that unless it’s an iPhone then mail will not sync. It’s mail. It doesn’t matter what email client you use, it just logs into your email and pushes email to your phone or outlook, or android or whatever email program you are using be it on a computer or handset. Five people I spoke to until I finally got through to some one who was English and did not need to speak into a machine that gave them a computerised American/English accent. He admitted that he did not know how to help, but would try. I finally got through to yet another ‘Technical” person a phrase that is used in the loosed sense. He informs me I should take it up with Apple as it is not Vodafones or Blackberrys issue. Except it is. BB is no longer finding the server, and when I manually input the server information that Apple and several websites have confirmed my phone still rejects the email account.

So I now have a phone that won’t push my work email to me. A little annoyed does not even begin to describe the issue, so when I get a call for work on Thursday and I go to check my calendar only to find that all my dates have gone, and disappeared into the cloud I was not best happy. ‘I’d love to work on Thursday but I’m not sure if I’m free, as at the moment according to Apple iCloud I am free until 2089 and have not worked since 1972″

So I am now stuck with the Cloud that is not playing ball. A phone that Apple won’t allow to access my email, and a mobile operator who does not know what they are talking about. One agent asked if I had a 3G signal as that could be causing the issue. What planet are you on I bellowed. I’m connected to Wi-Fi and I can still transmit data via 2G and Edge. She went on to inform me that she needed to check if the browser worked. Why do you need to know that??? My other email works on the handset, stop reading the bloody script and listen to the customer, need less to say she didn’t, she carried on reading what the computer was telling here. Sure this method is fine for simple issue, like ‘My phone won’t turn on” Have you charged the battery the computer will say, however more complex issues which require listening skills and problem solving, issues that stray away from a predetermined script needs people who know what they are on about. Sure I could sell pensions or insurance if I had a script, but the minute we went off script I would be screwed.

This remind me of another time I spoke to a ‘so-called’ Customer service agent who had been trained in America as she was all “Good day, I’m here to help Sir, How can I help today, Hello Sir, I’m Happy to Help” every world hung with that terrible infliction that only America and Australia seem to have. I asked this agent if I could get a cheaper deal on my line rental, she said ‘No’ I said I was told I could as someone from the deals department phoned me last week and offered me a cheaper alternative. She said that there wasn’t one. Keeping to the script. What I should have said was I would like a ‘Sim only deal’ then she could type it into her machine to get to the right page, but because ‘Cheaper tariff’ wasn’t on the script she couldn’t help, in the end she put through to some one else, who also could not help. I hung up, and phoned back, asked where I was speaking to and got the response ‘Swansea’ Good enough I thought, and asked the same question, the reply came very quick. “You need our upgrades team, to talk you through the options of Sim only deals, if you don’t want to take out a new contract” Thats the type of service i expect, someone using their knowledge of the industry they work in to answer questions that don’t use the terminology.

I suppose I am more annoyed at VF for their constant lack of focus on customer care, but also my growing hatred of Apple for monoplising and handcuffing their customers. You have to upgrade to do this, and if you want to have this then you have to do this, and we have changed the way Mail works to make it better if you are one of the dorks who take out a second mortgage to buy an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Apple t.v and the rest, only to have to get a loan 4 moths later to upgrade to the next iPhone which is no different, it just comes with a little bit more memory.

Oh well, time for another jog to calm me down.

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