Is there anything harder than a Marathon?

In truth yes. There are the Ultra’s or fell running. So what is my point. The point is that I have run a marathon, go me, woo woo and as a reward for all my training did I take time off to recover because oh boy did I need to recover the day after I couldn’t walk but I did manage to drive to the physio for a good deep tissue massage. No rather than taking time to recover and get back into running I had lined up a series of races which all began two weeks after the Marathon.

Now the thinking behind these races were recovery runs. Races to take it easy and get back into running however after the first it soon became clear that recovery was not the word. Over the past eight weeks I have ran ‘Port Sunlight 10K, Manchester 10K, Bangor 10K, Llandudno 1o miler, Mersey Tunnel 10K. In all apart from Manchester and Bangor  I beat my PB, each week I would go out hard, for my 10K’s my pace is under 7 minutes a mile for the Llandudno race I set off at 5k pace and some how kept going at this rate till mile 5 when I had to slow, but only slowed by 20/30 seconds.

A year ago I was running 10K’s at 55 minutes and now I’m about to run them in 42 minutes. From the Port Sunlight to Mersey Tunnel I have wiped 1:30 of my PB. The truth is that each of these races I found hard, my heart was beating overtime and my lungs had to take out a second mortgage for an extension to breath all the oxygen I needed. However despite this I enjoyed all the races, I felt relaxed, felt like I wasn’t over doing it but the week that followed the race would tell a different story.

The result of all this hard running on legs that had not fully recovered (I started running 7 days after my marathon) meant that I have been out of action. My legs have seized up and been so sore that I have not been able to run through the week. So now I am resting, not out of choice or out of injury but because I have no time to run. This week I was in Birmingham working and next I am in the Lakes and the week after I will be working hard. Hopefully this will allow my legs to recover so I can begin my training for the next race which at the moment isn’t till October.

Would I do it again? The answer is no. I might have done one or two of the races but the idea was to have something that would keep me motivated to run after the high of the marathon had died down, instead I found myself out of action saving myself, making sure I was recovered enough for the next race. I should know by now I will never lose my passion for running it has become part of me and the idea of having another goal to look towards to keep you motivate doesn’t really bother me. I enjoy running it free’s me up. If I am honest I could say I was addicted to the racing as well, trying to bag as many medals or tick off as many of the must do races as I can. While I wouldn’t do it again I certainly don’t have any regrets, all the races I have wanted to do and can now tick them off my list

So after the rest period I can hopefully start getting into a routine with some slow running, and some good old hill sessions thrown in, as I am going to need it as the next race is the Snowdon Marathon.