Going Away

I’ve said it before and now I am sticking to my word but i think I need your help.

I have for many years now been thinking about leaving the world of theatre and doing a proper job of sorts and my love of hiking and the outdoors along with the British heritage leads me to the conclusion that I should be wearing a green jumper with an acorn/oak tree leaf logo upon it. This is of course the symbol of the ‘National Trust‘ a very highly respected organisation and charity that protects and looks after a lot of the coastline and countryside of Britain along with maintaining many of the large country estates.

Now I have been applying for these jobs and each time have been unsuccessful. I’ve tried trainee jobs, full-time, part-time you name I have submitted an application form all with little success. So on the last letter of refusal along with the bleak forecast of my current profession and the lack of work on the horizon I thought enough was enough and turned back to my dream of going to New Zealand. The thought has once again reemerged in my consciousness and I have applied for a working holiday visa which I have been accepted. So all I need to do now is not chicken out and go travelling.

So this is where you all come in, if anyone has or are currently living in New Zealand or have also travelled this great country then please get in contact with me. I will of course be keeping you all informed on my plans. The reasons are simple. I think I may be having some sort of mid life crisis ten years early. A lot of people say when you are 30 you get a feel for what your life should be doing and at the moment I am not there. I have no house, no ties or commitments while I am making a living my career has stalled and is not where I thought it should be at. While I can I might as well take the opportunity to explore another country and what a country it is.

So who knows the next blog post may be from Auckland or Wellington. It won’t be as I am sure I will be blogging again before the week is out and I am not planning on boarding a plan till best year.

Getting Back into It!

So I did the Marathon, I rested for 13 days then ran a 10K rested and a week later did another 10K, then another then rested for a week and then ran another 1oK  and then a ten miler. Within all this I was seeing my physio to work on my biomechanics and core strength and stability (another blog) and my legs were so tired and tight after each race, partly because I was going for it like the clappers, were talking below 7 minute miles and for me that is quick. So it was after the Llandudno 10 mile that I decided that enough was enough and I would hang up my trainers.

This was a good idea for two reasons. The first my legs did not want to move and the second I was working in Birmingham and then in the Lakes so did not really have time to run. So I rested for two weeks, and they say that your fitness does not disappear that quickly but I would like to disagree.

Now maybe your fitness does not drop just after two weeks of no action, and maybe it doesn’t but it certainly does if you spend those two weeks putting on almost a stone through drink and eating crap which is what I did. So when I returned to running on Monday as lets face it I have another marathon to train for so really need to start. The short run of 5k was tough, very tough and it wasn’t even a fast run. The one tonight of 6 miles was a little easier once I got back into my stride, but it took the first 2 miles to run through the niggles and loosen up the legs.

So for the next couple of weeks before I start my training I need to get back into tho running lark, training myself to run and run through the pain (unless it’s an injury). The hardest part of both runs was to control my speed, as I could not run at marathon pace or even half marathon pace my body and legs are so use to running a fast 10K that is still what they want.

So here we go, two weeks of some practice runs to get back into it, and then some long hard training runs for the hardest marathon in the Britain. The Snowdonia Marathon.