I’ve Done It!

Well I couldn’t for one be bothered to read past posts, so I am sorry if this has already been recorded in the world of cyber space but at the moment I am so bored that I don’t mind repeating myself, if in fact I am actually doing that, I am not too sure. Like I say I have not looked at past entries so this could be a complete original post or as I started to fear as I put fingers to keyboard a complete copy of old news.

So what is it? I hear you cry. Patience reader I will inform when I am ready. Today is a lazy day. I can’t be bothered with anything. No running, no getting up. If truth is known I am still in bed and the afternoon news is about to come on. Lazy! Well yes. But that was not my intention. Oh no I wanted to walk in Snowdonia but my friend had very kindly mixed up the dates and doubled booked. I only know this information has I texted him to see if he was still up for it and to arrange a time to meet, if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been any the wiser.

My other friend sounds like he is a little off with me. Maybe because I never invited him but he seems to be wrapped up in his kid and partner (not that I blame him for that… but he has become a little distance)

So on this day where I want to hit the bottle, forget all my worries and eat masses of bad fatty stuff and feel altogether sorry for myself I thought I would cheer myself up with spreading my news. I am now finally off to New Zealand. I got the tickets for the flight, sorted out my travel for the first two months and have started planning. If truth be known I am bricking it but at the same time can not wait. I often think that if I had got my act together and not wasted time thinking I wanted to run in a 10K and Marathon I could have been on the plane at the end of March and say goodbye to all this crap that is in my life. (I delayed the trip to run in both Manchester Races)

I still don’t know why I am doing it? To travel? Thats not really me. To have a holiday? I have always wanted to see NZ. Or is the real reason to pack up and start again. After all what is in the UK? Some friends that I don’t really see. Some closer friends who are too busy with their own lives, work front that is dry… so why not make a new start…

Some people have said that I might not come back, others are still in shock that I am going. For me I am in both camps. I really can not wait to get away…

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