Three Weeks Tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be Sunday and in three weeks, I will be racing the Manchester Marathon and I am shitting it.

Training has not been good. But next week I will be doing a nice temp run in Langdale with some good hill walking before I begin to taper and spend those extra hours where I would have been running to concentrate on core and do some cross training.

I need to squeeze one long run in again and maybe doing a 15 miler at speed just to convince myself that I am ready.

Oh well off to what has been distracting me and preventing me training the way I wanted to. Thats right Work.

2 thoughts on “Three Weeks Tomorrow.

  1. Deana morris April 7, 2013 / 13:51

    Let’s hope it doesn’t pour with rain again. Last year was dreadful. A bit of rain, great, but I seem to remember it was more like an icy monsoon.

  2. lddex April 7, 2013 / 16:21

    Last year was horrible. Minus 1 with the wind chill. It was not a happy day. Here’s hoping for a a day like today.

    No rain with a little sun would be nice.

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