Packing and unpacking the trouble with OCD

So today is the day, and so far it has shaped up pretty well. I have finished packing, then I unpacked only to repack in the same order to suddenly realise that I had decided to unpack to make sure that I had packed everything on the list, even tho said list had ticks next to said items that were being packed and unpacked more times than united have won the league.

Travelling for someone with OCD may not be a good idea. When I work away from home, I would often phone ahead or check google maps to see the where abouts of the hotel my business had selected for me to spend the night. Once I arrived, I would check shower facilities as if it was low pressure I’d have to wake early, but a high pressure shower means I can have a lie in as the shower would wake me up with its jet wash pressure. From here I would then walk the route to the breakfast bar, and back to my room, and then I would walk to the theatre to time how Long the journey took, thus making sure I knew what time I had to wake.

Chatting to my best mate in the pub, I confessed that I had not planned anything. Did not know where I wanted to go, or where I wanted to get to this time next week. That is not who I am as his girlfriend was very shocked that I had not even flicked through a travel book or made a list of places to visit. He suggested maybe it’s because I am trying to be free, and really explore the country. But this does not wash with me, it sits uneasy. I like to plan.

And so after I cleaned the kitchen I began to empty my bag only to re pack before I cleaned the bathroom where I had a new wave of ideas on how I could pack my bag, and so with bleach covered hands so began the task of unpacking only to pack it the same way before realising the only reason why I unpacked was to pack it in a different way.

Did I tell you that I have to pull down on the handle and push the door to make sure it’s locked! The number of pulls and pushes depends on the day and if I’m the only one in the house, or if no one is returning to he house within a couple of days. I have been known to get of the bus or turn the car round to make sure the door is locked, and a simple push is not good enough, as I have to follow this with unlocking it to lock it. I’m the same with light switches, I need to press them off, but then will turn them on to make sure I have turned them off. Same with taps. If I leave the house to go away, and my flat mate is also away it can take me an hour to check all taps, switches and windows. Only to leave the apartment, after five pulls and two pushes of the door, to unlock and renter and check again. To lock up walk away and get back in the lift to check the front door.

So I went out to pick up last-minute supplies, and odds and sods only to return and repack and unpack. Then I emptied my rubbish, threw away the last remains of Manchester life and then I repacked.

After shutting down and locking the building once, I got home to think did I lock up and promptly returned. I once stopped working and asked colleagues to cover for me as I couldn’t remember switching the stove off, even thou that’s more of a religious ceremony than leaving the house.

So I reached for my iPad and wrote this blog. Looking at my bag, thinking should I check. I know I will before I leave but the thoughts of my up coming travels. It’s taken me a day to pack, all be it I’ve done 30 times, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t plan, but it does worry me I have no idea what I’m going to do. Don’t know where I will start. All I know is end of August I have to be back in Auckland to drop of the van. Maybe while in Auckland for four days I will be able to plan a rough route. Know that I have to reach Christchurch by the 3rd week etc. Or I may just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Either way I know I’ll be spending most of my time packing only to unpack.

One thought on “Packing and unpacking the trouble with OCD

  1. magnisarara March 26, 2015 / 00:35

    I’ve lost track how many times i’ve repacked, and checked the subway system over and over again to make sure nothing goes wrong or that we don’t get lost. But you can’t predict what happens. I ‘m not sure if what you write is ocd, or is it?
    I’ve been reading the subway system the whole day in extreme detail, I can’t stop. But I wonder if it’s just because I’m a worrier and it’s a result of my anxiety. As for the packing even though I’ve packed and repacked, it helps me calm down and feel happy. I can’t call that OCD if it makes me happy. I just googled this, it’s making me feel like my heads gonna explode the amount of time I checked the subway system of NYC. I ‘m tired 😦 exhausted. And withdrawn from my real world.

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