The Graveyard Shift

Let’s begin with the update. I’ve been in kiwi land for 5 months now and after doing quite a long spell as a WFA (woofer) which stands for Work For Accommodation, I finally succeeded in getting a full time job, all be it in the very hostel I was residing in and following the traditional path of past applicants for the role. By that I mean I was a traveller who was a WFA who had a birthday and then shortly after began the 8 hours of mindless boredom that is the graveyard shift.

However a graveyard shift as the name implies does not describe the role in an accurate way. After all it’s a hostel, so there is plenty of travellers who require special attention once they’ve returned from the bars of the city or just need special attention full stop. It still amazes me how the majority managed to make it this far.

There are still people to check in, floats to balance, reports to check, fill out and print, checkouts and house keeping lists to prepare, banking, cashing, rolling over the system, the role is if anything more of a relaxed walk in a park on a Sunday afternoon rather than tedious boredom.

However this post is not to inform you of the requirements of the job, I’m not that bored that I feel it necessary to give you my job description, no the real reason is the issue with sleep. It’s not for the lack of it, or getting to the land of nod but more the issue of when to start counting those many sheep over the fence.

Let’s explain my normal sleep pattern. I would normally go to bed around 11pm or midnight, thus waking at 8am the following morning. Do a days work and relax in the evening. However in my new role as night reception, I find myself retiring at 8am shortly after I finish and waking at 5 or 6 pm, leaving 5 hours to kill before the 8 hours of work which begins at 11 pm.

My point is that if this was a normally job, I’d never go to bed at 8 in the evening, so am I doing it right, or should I remain awake until midday? In other words should I carry on as normal but just reverse the day and night.

Oh well off to bed.