Down One Place at Number 2 (The Running Charts)

A Non-mover at #10 its the 5K a distance for anyone quick or slow.

Number 9 isn’t going anywhere its 10 Miles for when you want to let of steam but don’t have another 3 miles in the legs

Straight in at 8 its the 7 to 8 Miles – long enough to be tempo and not burn out, or useful if you want to extend that 10K if you have the energy or used as a long slow run with sections of speed.

Number 7 moves down five place partly because I’ve not done it for a while it’s the Marathon. A great distance and the training is the best bit.

Meaning number 6 has also slipped its the Half -or 13.1 miles, long enough to feel like you’ve ran and a distance you can keep the speed up.

So number five is Fartlek yet again not done this for a long time since I like to do it on a treadmill along with…

Non mover at number four Hill Sessions. Find a hill and run up and down, also great as you can mix up your routes with hills

Still clinging on at Number three where its been for 6 months is the 10K a distance that I can do at anytime at any speed – also my first major run.

Meaning number 2 has dropped from the top spot its Listening to Music. It somehow puts your mind of the task in question, but listen to the wrong tune and it throws your run out.

So back at number 1 is Just Running Yeah with no music or no set goal just a run and see where it takes you, add some hills if you wish, cut it short or extend it – but with no music allow your body to guide you.

Yes people last week I spoke about running with music again, this week I am still running with tunes, but todays run was so up and down with pace, what should have been enjoyable turned into a chore until I ripped out the headphones and just enjoyed the run for what it was.

The jury is still out on running with music as I feel that without it today the I’d have thrown in the towel after three miles. I am sure I will keep you informed.


Returning to my Roots.

This blog and let’s be honest has grown and travelled in several directions, a little like my running and that is where this blog was born. For some reason I felt that the internet needed another blog written by some one who wasn’t very good at writing telling the world about his exploits in the hope to one day cross a finish line in a 10K race allowing people a key hole look into the highs and lows of my 10K training and my discovery of running.

Well, to save you the hassle and bother of trawling through the archives I can confirm now that I did cross the finish line and my addiction to running was born. I carried on telling tales of my training, my injuries and of my running adventures and soon the blog snowballed into tales of work, dreams, walking and anything I felt there was to moan about.

Today I return to write about my running experiences. Its been almost a year since my last event and that happened to be in New Zealand. I have yet to get back into a full training session as work (What little there is) and my cycling has got in the way. Plus I have not felt I can enter… But now I am determined to train for a half and to get out there and start running regularly, however for some reason I have started to listen to music on my runs again and I feel this has been what was missing.

I always use to listen to music on runs, it would help me set my pace and some of my Personal Records have been thanks to my playlist, slow medium tempo songs to start me off which slowly build to faster dance or faster tempos – and using the same playlist for each race I would often race myself – I have to get to Stereophonic’s by mile 2 or I must have crossed the line before James comes on.

Now like most people I stopped listening to music because of the races I ran, many were on country roads or smaller events that were run on open roads as it wasn’t worth the cost or hassle to close roads so for safety headphones were banned. One of those very races was the Snowdon Marathon and so I started to train with no music to get use to it and you know what? I found I liked it. Didn’t at first, but I grew to enjoy it, being able to hear your surrounding and your body I found my running improved. I found I enjoyed running a lot more. I enjoyed races a lot more. I enjoyed not having that distraction of music and trying to fumble to skip a track or turn the volume up and off course hitting the accelerator because the beats were at 5 minute pacing.

But for some reason I decided the other night to slip on some headphones and listen to music on my 5K and while it was no quick run (one of my slowest as it was 25 minutes) it felt quick, the music distracted my mind from saying “you’re tired” “This hill is too steep” “Turn left it’ll take us home quicker” instead my head was telling me to turn right as they liked this one . So I tried it again today with a 10K and the same result. The music lifted me it carried me along.

While it was not super fast as I was still listening to my body in terms of pace, the music helped me to keep going and to zone off and be in the moment. Not sure how long it will last as when I ran with no music I felt in the moment but just recently running the same routes with the same scenery and not being able to push myself with times or distance as left me feeling deflated and adding music as some what for now   added a new sparkle into my running.

I’m still not 100% sold if I am a runner with or without music… But these last two runs have been very enjoyable with some musical accompaniment.

A Week today, and 27 days.

Well next week, I will be lining up on the streets of Sheffield ready to run my 2nd 10K race. In the small amounts of training I have done and let’s be honest I ran a half marathon in September a simple 10K is nothing and my training has reflected this. Rather than doing distance I have concentrated on speed work doing short 5K runs and as a result beat my PB for my 5K around my block.

I’m looking forward to the race, and have already included it in next years running diary. Other events include the Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool, Great North Run half Marathons, the Thunder Run and the Manchester and Sheffield 10K. I am still thinking about entering the Manchester Marathon but am not sure if I am quite ready for it yet.

In other news I am still in the middle of a busy work schedule, I’m off to Barrow on Tuesday then back up the M1/A1 to Newcastle for a show, then after that I am resting and taking time off. Partly because in 27 days I will be turning 30 and to be honest I don’t care. I am not sure what I want to do. To be honest I want to go away to Wales and walk Snowdon again and be my self. Is this  good??? or should I be with my friends??

Oh well some time running the streets will help me think about it.

See you soon.

Getting people running and being beaten to it!!!!

Well I run. We all know that! All we have to do it sift through the pages on the blog to see how much running means to me. The trouble is that other people and by others I am referring to a class of people who I spend several hours with. In simple terms my friends; they do not fully appreciate the running bug. While some have trained with me and have ran the Manchester 10K others can not be bothered or have left there running shoes hiding behind the sofa or scared on a bus doomed for the lost property bin. This may be unfair and is done in jest but I find it hard to get people to train with me. Not because I’m good or quick but because I am always training for some race so have to be strict about the time or length I spend running. But once a week in my schedule I do enjoy a fun run where time and distance are not a factor it’s just getting out there.

I have made it my mission to get people running and not because I care about their health but because I want company on my runs. There’s only so much music you can be forced to listen to on a long run and having some one who you can talk to and keep you company makes the run that all more enjoyable. As running can get lonely and it’s always fun to have some one to share the experience or shake up your routine that you become set in.

Now this is about how I have got one of my friends into running.  I know that this person reads this blog occasionally and might thumb through this post and feel that it is a little one-sided or indeed feels that it is not how it happened. But I’m the story teller so I have control of the events on how I recall them.

Therefore when I talked about running to a recent friend while driving to Wales/Scotland or the Lakes for our 3 peaks weeks he responded by saying he wants to try it, but he gets to out of breath or tired or can’t be bothered. I informed him and he may feel free to correct me here, as I may have imagined this conversation, but I said slow and steady. Run for a bit, walk for a bit. The aim is to run non stop for whatever time but your goal should be to be out there on the street for 20 minutes with running or walking. Then you can build it up and you won’t lose sight of the goal as you won’t be tired from pushing yourself. Three or four runs on he has run 5K in 32 minutes, well some of it walking. it just goes to show that anyone can run, you just need to build your body up to it and being that a large majority of people would be happy with a 30 minute 5K I think well done to him.

The post title refers to him blogging about his achievements before  I can brag about my involvement. But he does mention a friend was one of the driving factors. I like to think that friend was me. And the best part of it, is he is enjoying it so hopefully I will have yet another running partner.

Friends can Help you Train!!!

Its true, and I will be able to prove it, in fact I already kind of have. When I did Manchester 10K I went training with my friends who to be fair were also running in the race but were not as eager as I was, by this I think the full bug had not bitten them. They helped me to pace myself and to carry on striding forward.

Now for the next race which is if you’re new to the blog is the wonderful Great North Run all 13.1 miles of it treading the roads of Newcastle and Gateshead hopefully my training will be using the same bunch of friends. They know there limits and I need to do some short runs and limit the bigger runs to once a week. By using my friends who are not in training they are more likely to put a halt on the proceedings as they have no goal apart from to enjoy themselves, which in turn will cause me to call it a day as long as we have done at least 5K.

So I get to do lots of short runs with my friends who I love. But what about the bigger runs. Apart from going down to the gym with a couple of albums on my Ipod to run away the time I need another plan, another friend, a friend with a bike and a canal not that he owns the canal, but has access to one. A friend who lives a long way away. Well lucky old me, I have a friend who lives 16 miles away, and there is a route along a canal to his house from mine, he also has a bike. The plan is he rides behind me, shouting words of encouragement, and I run. The long run completed, I achieve my target, my mate gets to ride his bike, and we all go to the pub. Well not me as I am in training.

Last night was supposed to be a rest night, but the urge was too strong and I went out for a run. With my GPS system, but I only looked at it to keep track of my time. I ran 8K, and did it more or less in my usual 4.30 per K mark. the run felt good, and it felt smooth. I had to pause at 8, as my legs were feeling it, which is why I’m defiantly having a rest day tonight. I won’t! I know I won’t I will be down the gym doing some treadmill stuff, or cross training.

But there we have it, with little less than 8 weeks to go, I have to get up to 13.1 miles. This is where friends come in useful. They all enjoy a run, and they can keep me going, those who don’t like to run more than 5K can ride with me, and hopefully within 4 weeks I will be up to 10 miles. I’m not following any precise plan, just taking a mix, of doing runs and slowly building up my distance. The only true advice I’m taking on board, is doing plenty of short runs and only doing one or two long runs a week. I’m not bothered about time on this race, as it will be the first marathon I’ve run, but I would love to do it in the 2 hour mark. 1hr 40 would be fantastic.

But at the end of the day we will see. At the moment the raising money is the hard part. But that is another post for another time.