It’s Christmas…..

As Noddy Holder once said, ‘It’s Christmas’ and don’t we all bloody know it. The usual cut through to get to work was like hitting Birmingham at Rush Hour. Crowds of hopeless lost, mad, frantic people trying to get those last-minute bits and pieces. Lines for the checkout twisting around the aisles, queues to even get into the shops. The streets were packed with lifeless souls like zombies walking from one destination to the next and they call this fun. This is Christmas and Ba Humbug.

Rather than write yet another torrent of dribble that will fully depress you and suck any christmas spirit you may have I have opted for the cheaper option and will be good enough to post links of past Christmas and New Years rants. Over this year I have seen many new followers and I know as a blog reader myself there is not always time to search the archives so for those who enjoy the bitter ramblings feel free to click the links. While all anti Christmas and New Year a scrooge character I may be but the blogs are only the truth an insight to the real christmas we all face once you have stripped the Tinsel, lights and rubbed those drunken eyes this is what Christmas really is.

Ba Humbug 

Why should Santa get all the big hats

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Why we should get rid of Christmas

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No Life

End of the Season

Well after my last race the ‘Conwy Half Marathon’ in Wales the place where I seem to always get PB’s and the races that I most enjoy it was also the end of the season. Well the end to my running season and what a fantastic year it has been. Now as my physio puts it, it’s the time to take it easy and concentrate on any niggles and injuries and make sure I correct them and not carry them over into 2013 which will see me run Manchester Marathon again, The Island Race which is a half and Manchester 10K. There will be more I am sure, I just need to find them and book them.

So as I am resting the blog will go a little quiet so don’t worry it’s not that I have died while I am out on a run. I will be back in the new year. I will be back in a couple of weeks doing a round up of my year and what a running year, two marathons, three half marathons and 4 10K’s and a 10 miler all with new PB’s and more weight lost.

I will proberly also be back to have my annual snipe at Christmas as I really really love that period of the year… NOT. But that for the next couple of weeks is all from me partly as I will be heavy in desiging several Christmas shows back to back so won’t be able to run and won’t have time to play about on WordPress.

See you soon. Hope you don’t miss me too much.

Why We Should Get Rid of Christmas

Now to be fair I should have written this at the time. That time being a couple of weeks ago. Now first I need to give you some background, and it’s really about my drinking, as I like to drink I love the taste. Now I am no means downing the sherbert in the morning before work and am not in the need of the AA, partly because my car is in full working order… What? Oh that AA, yes well I am a drinker and can and have done for many weeks and months drank 2 – 3 bottles of wine a night.

The trouble is I am addicted to drink, once I start I find it hard to stop. Well not that hard when my head has fallen into the pool of drool on my pillow. It’s true, I will meet mates for a drink and after a beer or two we part and go our separate ways. My way happens to be to a supermarket to stock up on more drink for the rest of the evening plus a pizza for a midnight snack. And this is how the rest of the week or month pans out, until I get the drinking under control and stop buying it.

So to sum up, I either drink and continue until I fall asleep and for some one who finds the past time of sleep a hard one then any kind of substance to help is greatly received. However drinking and eating makes you fat and for many years I have tried to control the drink and the spare tyre I seem to insist on carrying around. Finally after finding running I was deflating the tyre and keeping it deflated. Result.

So now we are up to date, the only other thing to add is I love chocolate and food and that mixed with drink makes you fat, no matter how much running you do. While I spend all year getting down to a good weight and losing the belly along comes my Birthday in October, which brings drink, which also as we know results in me continuing to drink. I finally get it under control but then we have Christmas, and it’s not just the 25th I need to look out for, but the whole of December as you meet for Christmas Drinks, and company meals etc.

As if f all that wasn’t bad enough then comes the 27th December I see that Mini Eggs and Cream Eggs were being stocked. Now if I can’t say ‘No’ to red wine then I definitely can’t say ‘No’ to these tasty treats from Cadburys.

So with my Birthday all the way till Easter, the months are filled with my vices plus the fact that they don’t contain decent whether to run off all those goodies you have inhaled. Therefore by getting rid of Christmas, it will give my body a break from the booze and chocolate until we reach Easter and hopefully allowing my body to keep some of the weight off.

I think it is a good idea.

Feeling Good

Yes I am. Even with Christmas round the corner. This week I have been running and when I have not run I have been to the gym to cycle or cross train and hit the weights. I’m 13 stone, my belly and love handles are reducing and firming up, my housemate has been through my running magazines and has started to cook a menu of treats from the food pages (she likes to cook) and I feel good. My taste buds are singing from a choir of new delights and cocktails of ingredients all designed to give energy and recovery when it’s needed.

So much so that I am giving myself Saturday off as a rest day. I think I need it. I went on a 8 mile run on Saturday last week then worked from 10pm to 6am fitting up a show to then go on another run in the afternoon of 7 miles and hit the gym on Monday then a 10K on Tuesday followed by gym Wednesday and a short 6K on Thursday in the rain and wind to the gym today. So a Saturday of rest is called for, plus I am planning a nice big run on Sunday, a 8 or 9 miles. However I am going to enjoy tonight with some curry and red wine, as a little treat and reward for this week. Doing it just the once won’t hurt surly, and I need to drink otherwise come Christmas my body won’t know whats hit it. Saying that I am planning a quiet Christmas, I’ve asked for running gear so am hoping I will be able to fit in a cheeky 5K on Christmas morning as well as Christmas eve as I don’t want the festive period to be an excuse for not getting out there, after all this weather hasn’t stopped me yet.

Anyway thought I would explain that all to you. I think I am also feeling happy as my stomach is starting to take shape, a long way away from Brad Pitt or Ronaldo but the very faintest building blocks are there, there is still a tyre all be it a bicycle one, but it’s starting to be toned, and the side flab is reducing…. This just means I need to work hard at it and keep it going.

Right off to the shops to wave goodbye to a very good and healthy week.

No Life

Now, before you stop reading; this is not a ‘feel sorry for me’ post, but some people may have turned away just from the title. I am writing this while I am waiting for Concord to dry. Not that I have just nipped down to Manchester Airport and spray painted the real Concord in the hanger as that would be stupid. No I am off course building a model of Concord that I got for my birthday six weeks ago and have only just got round to constructing the model.

The Time has been given to me due to the wonderful nature of the theatre biz and my refusal to work Christmas shows as I am not the biggest fan of this so called festive time. I really can’t think of anything worse than being pushed to and thro while drinking a thimble of overpriced spices mixed in with like warn red wine on a cold wet dark evening being overlooked by a giant Zippy in a Santa costume and then be confronted by idiots who find it perfectly acceptable to amble their way though the city centre loaded with bags filled with gifts that they can’t afford but some how have managed to find some credit limit on a card, pushing this country and the word into more of a recession has come the new year they will struggle to find the money to pay off there over indulged debt and therefore reduce there house hold spending coursing the economy to shrink as the high street faces yet another load of shops closing like a line of dominoes.


Now I don’t know if what I have said is completely true, but it seemed topical and I am always one for not spending or wasting money. If you are going to buy me a gift then make sure you ask me what I want, or be 110% sure that it is something I need or want otherwise you are not only wasting your money but in the process causing a painful moment when I unwrap the gift and have to fake gratitude on the useless object held in my hand and thanking the giver in a sincere voice while all the time working out where I will store or place and sometimes destroy the said item. Now thats not to say I don’t dislike receive surprises. One of my best 30th Birthday presents was from my best mate who got me a bottle of red wine in a wooden box that was bottled back in 1981 (my date of birth) This kind of present shows thought mixed with something I like. It does mean that he has set a high bar for me to match on his 30th.

The whole hattred of Christmas can be seen in another blog post here and here, and the idea of buying and giving presents if fine, but I don’t like the process of choosing and this all comes down to money. I spend weeks looking at gifts thinking ‘That’ll be good’ but then think ‘will they use it or will it be waste of money’ and I hate the idea of Christmas starting way back in August and everyone saying we will have to meet up for a Christmas drink, or we should meet up being thats it’s Christmas. How about we just meet up despite the month and the season and you may contact in one of the other 11 months of the year.

Anyway back to having no life and living like scrooge. For my 30th my parents got me an Airfix of Concord that I have been longing after for a while. I use to do Aifix, or my dad/brother use to do them as I watched but I can remember having them suspended from my ceiling in flight formation and several months ago when the work well was dry I got back into building these model planes to pass the time. Now once agin all my mates are at work, and I have six weeks to spend on my own so I thought I would open the box and start building this wonderful plane. This is where the title comes from for the blog. I have known for a long time that I love castles and history, but it seems at the moment my life is unfulfilled, all I seem to go on about it running and now I am sat in the cold building a 1:44 model of a plane that no longer graces our sky. But the the funny thing is that I am quite happy and content with this as it means I am inside and away from people having to find money to pay for yet another festive drink as they stuff several more mince pies in their fat faces all in the name of a holiday that in my opinion only seems to aid people in putting on weight and being unbearably jolly and happy at the prospect that 4 weeks time they would have over indulged and unbuttoning there trousers to the tune of “A White Christmas” and saying “we have to do it as it’s tradition” Therefore at the moment I feel that i am a bit of a bore, and I feel that several friends would agree with this statement, but it’s secret that i am a boring miserable sod but at the moment the only subject I like to talk about is my work and running an being that I have no work then running is the only subject. Therefore for the next week or however long it take me to construct this already fiddly model I have no life.

Oh well time to glue another bit of the nose. Should i place it on up or down? Life is filled with so many difficult  choices.

How do people know?

Well I wasn’t going to write another moaning blog entry, well not straight away anyway.

But last night and today I am bombarded with fortune tellers! Everyone thinks it is perfectly acceptable to wish me ‘A Happy New Year’ this is causing me a great deal of inconvenience as I am now having to make notes of who wished me a happy year so I can inform them in 364 days if there wish came true for me.

I don’t understand what the big event is for. Let’s get pissed to forget one miserable year and now that we are so trollied and off our tits on cheap fizz we can guarantee that the start of the New Year will start painfully and continue along that road.

I’m glad that I didn’t and don’t extend to wishing people a happy year, I didn’t even extend the words to my house mate as big ben was struck and my hopeful delight of seeing the British screw the fireworks display exploded in front of me, as even I have to admit it was better than average however I feel ten minutes may have been a little over kill and the cynic in me feels they may have had a crisis meeting at three 0’clock after they saw what Sydney had thrown together.

Now I have that of my chest I will be able to lay back and see what the baby of 2011 brings me, and I know it won’t be any of the elements I require to make my life better, or further my career. After all the last couple of years never bought me any thing so I don’t see why 2011 would have the foresight.

Any ways I best get back to work and reading my book along with planning the trip to Wales to see one of my favourite castles. Stay tuned to see which one it is tomorrow!!!