Take a Pill

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a post about GP’s and how useless they are at curing or finding what is wrong with you. Oh know. I like the GP, they have a hard job, they have to know everything, and sometimes this is their downfall.

I visited my GP again this week to get to the bottom of the foot issue. I will run again I am determined of that and because of this I want to have a foot that does not collapse half way through the run. Now I visited my GP when the issue first came about and he told me it was tendons, and to carry on running. Dr Google said to rest for 3 – 4 weeks. A friend got me in to see a physio and he said it wasn’t really tendons but  Bio-mechanical, as I had a weak hip, so the impact of running was not travelling through the leg, it was stopping at my foot.

I did the race anyway, and rested for 2 weeks. Tried another run, and it flared up again, so I rested it, and now on the 4th week there is no improvement so off to the doctors. He has prescribed me some very strong anti-inflammatories to kill any swelling that may be on the tendons. Looking at Dr google I saw that it could be a stress fracture, the real Doc assures me that it is muscle and tendon damage, as stress fractures occur further down the foot.

So with these incredible strong pill’s and pill’s seem to be the answer for doctors, as I told him about the hip and physio of which he poohed poohed. Hopefully I will be able to start running before July, and build my strength up and really start to train in August.

Which I suppose leaves me with time to get sponsorship which is going really slow at the moment. Anyway time to take a pill.

The Dr says its good for you!

So my foot is injured and I have damaged my toe nail. I was the 3rd runner who had checked in with the doctor that day making him conclude that running must be good for you!

You see for some time now I have had a yellow toenail. A fungus infection I assumed, but in fact its occurred due to running and the constant rubbing or banging of the toe against the trainer causing the nail to be lifted off from the nail bed. The doctor diagnosed this very quickly and gave advice on how it can be prevented. On to the next query, my hurty foot. For those who have not updated themselves with my pain then allow me to summaries. I was out running and had to stop as a sharp pain was occurring on the top of my left foot. Some web browsing revealed a number of possibilities and today the doctor confirmed that it was bruised/sprained tendons caused again by the impact of running. When enquired on rest time he shrugged and suggested new trainers and to get back on it as I didn’t have much training time left.

So my question is should I remain rested and if so for how long? Or should I try a small jog tomorrow and risk injury for longer.

Maybe keeping one more day of rest and having some Ice on it again will help, I hope it does as with less than two weeks to go I’m getting concerned that I may not have trained as much as I should have.

The bigger issue is that I’m growing ever more restless and unhappy due to not jogging around my estate. I know they praise exercise for being good and making you feel well and full of energy, and I can fully agree as I love it. Its the only activity I seem to live for at the moment and being forced not to partake is killing me. So hopefully my foot will improve and I can once again start running to happiness (corny I know) again.