When did it Happen!?

I’m going to come out and say it. Whats so bloody special about Fathers Day and when did it get blown out of perspective. In my lifetime, Mothering Sunday has always been quite a big deal kind off up there with Birthdays and Christmas. A day (although I don’t) to celebrate and treat your mum. Fathers day has always seemed to be a cheap add on, a day dedicated to them so they don’t feel left out.

But as I scan my Facebook and Twitter Feeds, I find they are flooded with pictures of my friends dads and messages saying what a top bloke they are or were. What I fail to understand is why and how as it become a big occasion… It seems to be as big if not bigger than Mothering Sunday.

I once again have refused to spend the £2 on a card to say ‘Thanks Dad’ I have even failed to wish him a ‘Happy Fathers Day’ and because of that I have been shunned. Really! Why? Why suddenly do we have this big expectation of this non event? Why do we put so much (Money) effort and time into these pointless days and at the end of it what does a Hallmark card and a new golf ball or some gardening tools actually say. Call me cynical but it is all about money, every shop pushing adverts and promotions with gift sets and even if it’s not wrapped up in a box with “dad” packaging then supermarkets have got posters above the Scotch, Whiskey, Ale or razors informing of what a great gift they would make. Here dad, thanks for being there for me have a Bic.

Oh well rant over.

My New Toy

I’ve got myself a new toy. Go me.

With 65 days to go until I board the plane, not that I’m counting. I have manged to sell all my DVDs and CDs that I wanted to get rid off. Some off them I have exchanged for a new toy. Constant thoughts about whether I take my computer or not have been playing repeatedly. Sure I will need it as I am planning to work, but a MacBook is an expensive bulky item to have in your backpack.

A friend suggested a tablet, I can Skype, tweet, Facebook, and read books and do all the other fun stuff with the added bonus of having a lightweight portable piece of kit that can easily be hidden away.

So with this I exchanged some of my DVDs for an iPad mini. While I still don’t see the point of them at the moment as I am still very much attached to my laptop I feel that this toy will certainly be my new friend and will keep me company for the first two months of my travels.

And yes, I did use the WordPress app to write this blog entry. I’d be a fool not too.

Here’s to 2013 – My kind of Resolution

Well my glass is half full.

As I watch ‘Come Dine With Me’ in the dark looking out over North Manchester being lit by the dim glow of the moon wrapped in cloud I drink to 2012 and think this will be my last drink, this will be my last midnight feast of Pizza. Yes as off 1st January the sweet taste of cider, wine and ale will not pass my mouth nor will the pile of cheese or bread that I force down. this is not a New Years pact with myself but just a way of training. My running training has always needed improvement and the fuel I decide to power my running is one of the major factors of improvement.

So as the clock strikes I will end my drinking binge and say goodbye to one my vices. Along with waving or controlling my twitter antics, 2013 will see me having a clear lack of presence on the social media scene as Facebook has already had the boot.

Training hard is the key, eating healthy and cross training to make me a mean, clean running machine will be my goal. That and trying to get to New Zealand.

Happy New Year.

Your Passion

Off the usual road that this blog normally follows it has been inspired by a friend who asked on that topical highly viewed and respected for its truth and honesty, well read and admired for its educational and informative angles webpage that is Facebook. Yes as part of her status she asked if people if they had a passion and if so what it was. The reason for asking such a question was not just a mere interest into the psyche of her friends but because she had just watched a film where a passion was involved and was so inspired it made her want to find one.

Now all regular readers could shout out what I would list as passions. Running, Bridges, History, Steam Trains, Heritage, Canals, Castles, Wales. And you’d be right. I quickly added a comment containing ‘Running, Castles, Heritage’

So far this seems like a pointless blog entry, but hey why change tradition. But seriously what is a passion, could any of those listed above really be a passion. I love to run and get very kiddy when I see a castle, I can make my voice go as high as Aled Jones singing ‘The Snowman’ when ever I see a nice bridge or a good mill. But are these passions? I decided to consult the good old English Dictionary.

The meaning (s) are described as thus


  • 1 [mass noun] strong and barely controllable emotion:a man of impetuous passion
  • [in singular] a state or outburst of strong emotion:oratory in which he gradually works himself up into a passion
  • intense sexual love:their all-consuming passion for each other[in singular]:she nurses a passion for Thomas
  • [in singular] an intense desire or enthusiasm for something:the English have a passion for gardens
  • [count noun] a thing arousing great enthusiasm:modern furniture is a particular passion of Bill

So maybe the ones I listed are passions. I do get very excited, and love my running and history. This blog is evidence of that. I’m very enthusiastic on all the subjects I speak about and maybe friends would say I’m passionate about them. However at the end of the day this status made me think. I was all to quick to list the subjects and hobbies that I love or interest me but it was only after when I thought about the true way in which they make me feel. Do I feel passionate about them. Yes I love running and if I can’t run I’m miserable, I love a good castle and would like to be transported back in time to see them in their full glory but does this count as a passion or just admiration and love of a subject. I’m sure they are passions but find my self still questioning myself.

Do any of you lovely people have a passion and if so what is it? Is it important to have a passion?

Repeating Myself!

This is not just a simple copy and past of another blog entry but thinking about it I could so easily do that and save myself time. No this is a new entry but the subject matter or matters are topics I have discussed on more than one occasion.

Now on Friday I think it was, it may even have been Thursday I wrote about a small injury I picked up fearing that it was going to be major. Well my fears of being injured just as the Marathon training kicks off have come to life. I have ripped, or torn or done some horrible damage to my left quad, making walking even quite painful. So I am now out of action for a while and learning from my foot injury last year then rest is the key.

The trouble is when I don’t run I become miserable, sad, I turn in on myself and with the prospect of the work I want to do still not in reaching distance and one of my friends ignoring me, and the other about to go through a rather large life changing experience (Baby) my brain is looking back and thinking maybe I should have packed it in and gone to New Zealand, maybe I still could. Or maybe a cold start is what I need, move to Wales or Scotland and just find a completely new job. Maybe if I could write better then I would submit articles to magazines and live as a freelance writer. After all I have nothing holding me back. My friends are moving on in there lives and the friends that aren’t seem to be moving on from me. The other night in the pub when I met with some people whom I hadn’t seen for a long time were banging on at me about not phoning them. The cheek of it, they have my number and never phoned. the fact that several time I texted them, and they never got back or said they were busy, only to find though Facebook or days later from some one else that they had been out or were out.

I know it’s me feeling sorry for myself, but when I have friends who say that they will be bored having two days off and their better half is away and how lonely and boring it will be, I want to scream out “Try it for two months where your supposed mates don’t get in contact or reply to any messages and you’re stuck in a house counting the pennies as your next bit of well paid work isn’t till April and you have rent and Christmas and god knows what else to pay for in-between”.  I try to keep busy  and am actively looking for some one, after all I have joined that once taboo subject ‘Internet Dating’ however the more I think, the more I come to the conclusion that maybe after twelve years the spell of Manchester is weakening on me and it’s time I leave this great city and find pastures new and a job which will make me happy. The job doesn’t even have to be well paid as long as it is in the hills of Snowdonia or looking after a castle I will be happy and for some one who thinks that money is the greatest treasure on earth then that statement really says something.

Oh well I’m hoping come tomorrow morning my leg will be better, and I will try a nice short run before I go into the theatre and create the finishing touches to the show.


P.S Just so I don’t seem like a complete dick, I will be there for my baby mate, and give me all the support and help he needs. He is after all my best mate and properly the only person who really knows me.

Half Way There!!!!!!!

Well I believe I’ve already mentioned in one of my posts that I’ve been accepted as part of Team Christies to run the Great North Run, and once again this blog has a point, rather than being a slate to dribble the random jottings of a mad man.

I after careful thought decided to accept the place, now all I have to do is raise the £600.00, and being that everyone who I have spoken to have said, ‘You can raise that! I’ll pop in a tenner” then I’m hoping when my new Just Giving page goes live I’ll reach my target in no time, and who knows if you hold back, I might have to pull the sob story out of the bag to guilt trip you all into placing your hands into your pockets and down the back of the sofa.

My first port of call is to rest my foot, and hope it gets better, It feels fine, but whenever I start to run it starts again. Then it’s on to fundraising heaven, £600.00 should be quite easier to raise, even if it was just my friends on Facebook putting in £2.00. In fact if my Facebook, Twitter, and Phone book contacts all placed a £1.00 into the pot, then I would raise over £700.00, that does not include people who I work with, and don’t have contact details for them.

Oh well, time to get my training schedule in order, and put that foot up again.

Be back here, after I have run again.

What to tweet?

Now this isn’t me just becoming a member of twittter. I have been tweeting all 7,000 tweets over the past two years. Tweets about what I’m doing, news stories that have made me laugh and cry, re-tweets, @mentions and basically me moaning about the world and his wife. I have tried giving it up, but like heroin you can never forget the first hit (the ones after and when your life is a mess you can forget) I until recently had not tweeted for some weeks, and while people had noticed and some were concerned the world carried on.

So I am not asking people what to tweet, I know what to tweet and I like it. I like the way that only a select number of people know who you are. As you don’t need to use your real name. The question is this, a couple of days ago, I tweeted “I no longer care about my job” and I got hounded by my friends, and other tweeters saying “Should you write that in such a public way?” So the question is this, who does or can twitter be censored. It’s no secret that I am getting bored with my job and dead-end career (just look at some of the tweets over the past year and my ambition to go to the NZ), and no doubt when something exciting comes along I may in deed get the buzz and feel for it, but at the moment I could not give a rats arse.

I might be warned or advised against this post, but at the end of the day I reckon that only 12 people know who I truly am, and what difference does it make if I say it to them in a pub, or on the web. I can think of worst stuff that people have put on the web, the amount of status’ on Facebook where people can see you in a picture and can work out who you are. People have lost their jobs because of Facebook status’ or lost friends and that is because your Facebook page is you, Harry Smith is Facebook, but on twitter Harry Smith can turn into Ungly_Manc and post what they like without people knowing who they are.

So to return to the finer point, was I wrong tweeting to the world that I could not care for my job, or were those friends who do know my twitter identity wrong to criticize me for my post??? In a way you do have to be careful of your online presence, as you can be tracked down, but it does involve a lot of websites and work. If you did want to find out who Angry_Manc was then you could if you really tried but at the end of the day twitter is mini blogging, its thoughts and off the cruft remarks. Should we read  literally everything that is posted I feel of course not, there has been stories of comedians getting into trouble posting jokes or comments, the same comments that when mentioned on a statical show would be laughed at. People need to see that twitter is an outlet of thoughts and expressions and we should not try to censor or police them, but the tweets do need to be put into context like that of the comedians. If I had posted it on my Facebook then people may have commented “Whats up” “Why” but twitter is different it seems.

Anyway I’m running out of things to say and have lost what my argument was. I thought it was something worth discussing, especially as I have posted worst things on twittter and have disguised them in a form of a story that no one complained about but rather enjoyed. So maybe next time when I become disgruntled with my career, I will post it like thus

“Damien was desperate to seek a new line of work, this one had become tiresome he thought”