Tyne Bridge, Red Arrows and a Cup of Tea

Yes the Tyne Bridge and the Red Arrows. They were the best bits. Apart from getting a sub 2 hour for my first ever half. The atmosphere was pretty much dead. Not that I have a great deal of running experience but Manchester 10K was buzzing all the way around. Newcastle is off course a lot bigger and therefore people lining the streets or having music at every point is hard to do and because of this there was a sheer lack of drive to encourage you forward.

Now I love Newcastle, and it contains one my favorite bridges and we crossed it within the first two miles, the Red Arrows for the first time started the race with a fly over followed by their tradition fly over at South Shields and of course the Tyne Bridge where they did the missing man formation in tribute to the pilot who tragically lost his life back in August.

So the day started at 5am and eating my breakfast. My very kind best mate has agreed to drive me up as a couple of months ago I was unsure if my foot would be fit enough to carry out the miles I was asking of it and as a consequence the hotels were all booked up and those that had rooms were charging an arm and leg for them and I needed both my legs to run. So with that alternative means of transport was needed. The plan was to drive up and drop me in Newcastle for about 9 as the race started at 10:40 and the pens closed at 10:30. This would give me enough time to find the porter-loos and spend 30 minutes queuing and then spend a good amount of time soaking up the atmosphere and warming up. He would then drive to South Sheilds. It turns out that he arrived at the finish line five minutes before I crossed it apparently it took him nearly 3 hours to travel the 13.1 miles from the City to the coast.

As I entered my pen and began warming up, listening to the music travelling down the central motorway with the annoying local DJ informing us of the weather conditions and the special people who were running, small tears came to my eyes. I never ever thought I would be running a half marathon and never thought I would be taking part in the biggest. I started to think of the money I had raised and the messages of support from my friends. This time last year I was out of breath and curled up in a heap after running for two minutes and now I was limbering up and stretching my calves ready to embark on a distance that for many isn’t even thinkable.

I was slowly getting worried, as I had never ran 13.1 miles before, and my longest distance had been 11.5 and that hurt, at ten miles my legs were like jelly. But the pistol sounded for the women’s race and shortly after those iconic planes though over with a large applause and cheering that started the main event and thoughts of not crossing the line flew away like Arrows above me.

I was off, I had set my watch and it found it’s satellites, I went to start it and found it had gone to sleep desperately I tried to wake it up wishing it would quickly latch back on to the GPS signal it had found minutes before hand, by the time my left foot had crossed the start line my Garmin was ready for use and I pressed the start button. I was now running at 7 minute a mile far to quick, I also now needed another pee. Of course the great thing about men is we can do it anywhere, and within minutes the field of male runners were heading to the bushes and trees myself included.

Off we went, 55,000 of us for the ones at the back of the pack it would be 40 minutes till they crossed the start line. As I climbed the first hill I quickly descended into one of the tunnels where ‘Oggi Oggi Oggi‘ was sung. The crowd at later stages would also chant this but there would be no retort of ‘Oi Oi Oi’ as there was no point in wasting breath.

At the 2 mile stage I was running on one of my favourite bridge’s as the red arrows flew over. I was comfortable and had settled into a comfortable 8:45 pace. Which was just as well as the next 10 miles had several gentle climbs. By the half way mark I was feeling good and was on course to get my sub 2 hour.

There was music and bands in some places, and water and powerade in all the correct places. at 8 miles I started to slow down, but then the Bupa Boost came, loud music and lot of support allowed me to strive forward for half a mile my pace increased. While the atmosphere was not as intense as Manchester 10K the locals came out in force with sweets, water and oranges to show their support. My name was called out a couple of times by strangers willing me on.

By the time we got to the 10 mile point I knew I was almost home and dry. Well not that dry as the heavens started to open which was a welcome rest bite from the sun and helped me to battle on up the last hill to the roundabout before the coast. As I reached the top and I saw the sea on the horizon and it was a steep hill down and a sharp corner to the left to reach the 12th mile marker. This was the longest mile in the world, but I sped up and sprinted to the finish as the rain battled on down and echoes of cheering surrounding the coast road, I held my head high and crossed the line in 1 hour 51 minute and 25 seconds.

My legs felt like they would drop off, and the only fix was to head to the charity village to claim my free cup of tea and get a wonderful photo for their website. The day ended with a fantastic display from the Red Arrows and a pleasant car trip home. The question of would I do it again, never even crossed my mind as half way round I had already planed on entering for 2012. I enjoy long distance running and am now hooked on the running bug more than ever, I am in search of all kind of half marathons and hopeful this time next year I may talk about going the whole 26.2 miles. As for my sponsorship that has been the hardest part, and I still have a way to go until I have met my pledge but my Just Giving page is still open for any one who wishes to contribute. www.justgiving.com/thomas-Scott1

I’m now resting for a week, until I go for a quick run before my 10K race on 9th October and then I might enter the Birmingham Half on the 23rd October. Running is addictive and the weight loss, competition, feeling good about yourself is all side lined by the fact that running rules and is fun.

I like it, and I loved this run.


A day to go!

Tomorrow is the day and I am bricking it. It is the largest half marathon in the world and my first. My fund-raising has been going steady so excuse the plug for a call for more donations in this blog to enable me to reach my target.

My mate is picking me up and driving me up to Newcastle tomorrow, this my tire me out, but its the cheapest option.

So today I will be resting and eating lots of nuts and carbs with a good healthy dose of protein.

So here’s to a rest day and lots of eating. Oh and here is the link for sponsorship. http://www.justgiving.com/thomas-Scott1



Tonights Run

Well I went running with two friends. One of which I have run with before the other being his brother who is a little nipper. He also plays football. The run itself was good, but I had no water and really needed some after the first 3 miles. Also the footballer was running to fast to set a steady pace, so naturally I went at his speed, rather than my other mate or find my own pace. I still seem to be doing 7.30/mile I need to slow it down to 8 or 8.30.

Needles to say the run was too fast and I had to cut it short due to no water and tiring myself out.

I am now getting a little concerned that I may not make the 13.1 Miles, as I have not been able to do more than 10, and in recent weeks I find that 8 miles is enough. Maybe a couple of days rest will sort out my batteries as i have been doing over 6 miles four times a week as well as walking 4 miles to and from work, so hopefully on Monday I can attempt a nice long run after a long weekend of rest.

In other news a very nice man donated to my just giving page. Not sure if he saw my twitter feed or read one of my posts. But I would like to thank him for donating to a great cause. This also goes to some one else who had donated through the text system a couple of weeks ago. Over all the training is going far better than the fundraising, but hopefully I will reach my target.


Finishing it all. And one last call for sponsorship!

Well those who follow me on twitter will have noticed there has been some radio silence. That is because I have retired from tweeting. I have reached my 10,oooth tweet in just over two years and I thought it was time to hang up my status updates.

We all know that give it two weeks I will be back on as all it will take is some idiot of a shop keeper or some girls on a bus talking absolute rubbish to get my blood to boil and vent all over cyber space.

Anyway enough about this, now it’s time to get to the hard stuff. My running is going, and I am very pleased with the progress. I have now run 10 miles so only really need to get it up to 11 miles and just work on my inner strength and stamina, and I think I will be ready. However what won’t be ready is my sponsorship. It is coming along, but really slow. People who have said they will donate have so far neglected the several ways that they can choose to part with their funds. To be honest I don’t blame them but I am now wondering why some people have thousands listed on their Just Giving Page from complete strangers and I have nothing. Well that’s not true I do have funds but nowhere near enough.

So if you are reading this and wish to help the Cancer Charity that I support. There is a page dedicated to it, then please do click on the link right below.

I hope you are able to help me, and the Christies even if it’s just pound donated by the new text message system that Vodafone have set up.(full details on the link)

Oh well I will leave it to you, but I pledged I would raise £600.00 and I somehow thought I would struggle with the run, but at the moment it seems the other way around.

See you all soon.


Fancy a Run

Well I have just got in from the most boring unbelievable day at work. Being that I work in Theatre, then summer is often the time when we go “dark” by that I mean we don’t put any shows on. Within this time and it varies from theatre to theatre with the allotted time you have the staff use this free time not to go on holiday or to have a party but to clean and sort stuff out. Now in a big theatre with lots of equipment which throughout the season has been housed in incorrect cuppy holes and the list of electrical items that need to be PAT tested the management of these  establishment only really allow a couple of weeks. The smaller theatres have a lot longer. I am at the moment working in the middle bracket and am working by myself. So armed only with Twitter and Facebook and listening to XFM at full volume in the dock off I set carrying out by business of tidying up and labelling and coiling cables and placing equipment back in the right homes.

Now if this all sounds interesting to you, then I know you are lying as it is the most tedious of all jobs. But the point of this blog was not to inform you of the wonderful day I had at work, only to be repeated on a much duller scale tomorrow, oh no, it was in fact to say that when I arrived home, after walking the 6K round trip to work, which turns out to burn more calories than cycling I sat down on my bed and thought I fancy a run.

Now I am in training for a half, so should be beating the pavement every night one might say, however I don’t think I have truly recovered from my foot injury and being that I went for a run yesterday I feel that maybe I should leave it for another day before I put me trainers on and run a brisk 5k round the block. I know that after I hit ‘Post’ on my screen with my old mouse that I will be quickly changing into my running gear, and limbering up. I think what has done it is the sheer lack of effort and exercise I have carried out today. Coiling cables and sorting out colour gel has not really burnt that much energy and I have drunken a lot of tea. At least twelve cups to-day. I also rather pigged out at lunch time when I was not really that hungry.

Oh well, even as I type this, I am stretching out my calves and gearing my mind up for a little sprint. my true wish is that the weather turns and it starts to rain as that would make my mind up. For those of you who are wondering, then if the heavens did open I would be out like a shot having a little run. Oh well time to limber up as they say.

On more of a serious note I am running the Great North Run on behalf of The Christie a Cancer research hospital that treats patients and families as well as researching cures and medicines. You can find more information on my Page about The Christie Here, or visit there Website. As part of the run I have pledged to raise £600.00 if you feel you would like to contribute then you can do so by clicking on my Just Giving Page or texting LDEX73 with £5/10 in the subject box to 70070. Myself and The Christie thanks you for your support.

Donating by Text

Well donating as just got easier. As you know I am rasing money for Christies and the campaign is not going to well. It is still in the early days yet, and I now have £5 in the pot.

The fiver arrived through the new Just Giving method. Vodafone free of charge are allowing people to text their donations. So if you would like to donate quickly and can’t be bothered creating a Just Giving account then all you need to do is select an amount from £1 to £10 and send it in a message to 70070 along with LDEX73 in the subject.



Message: LDEX73  £10

What could be easier. You will then receive a text saying your donation as been succesful with a link to gift aid your donation. It would be great for those who do donate, to also gift aid, as we raise more money that way.

Hopefully soon I will start y training as i feel my foot my be finally on the mend, but for safety am giving it another week of no running to make completely sure.

My Progress, and some one eyeing up my dinner

Well, I have achieved it. I have gone to gym, or ran everyday this week. And I feel good. My tyres are still sitting around my waist however depending on the day they feel like there deflating.

I write this as I went on a 5.5 K run around my block with hills, and steps and completed it in 30 minutes. Five minutes slower than on the treadmill but I put this down to the fact that the treadmill is flat and even. Even so if I keep this up then completing the 10k in 1 hour 10 minutes is well in sight.

However this post is not just about my conquests at the gym, it is about the walk back via Tesco’s to buy some fruit and juice for the morning. As I ambled around the aisles I saw soup. I like soup I thought, I will have some soup as a treat and so I picked up a can of soup, and saw some nice Ciabatta. I’ll have some of that, and before I had counted the calories in my head my arm had reached out and my hand was snatching the fresh loaf and placing it in the basket.

The Self checkout was closed, so it was to the good old serviced checkout. I ended up with an old man serving me. As he slowly passed the items over the scanner he paused as his wrinkly hand got to the bread. He looked up and questioned the item in his hand “What’s this?” It’s Ciabatta I replied shocked that he didn’t know what it was. Then I thought maybe he comes from a background where they think Hovis and Warbartons are a type of bread and not a brand.  This has happened to me before when some one questioned the item of veg they had in there hand and astonished that Sainsbury had not informed there check out staff what am aubergine looked like.

The man who we will call Terry, as I think he looked like a Terry. He looked like he was a simple man, and had come from an engineering background and married to Dorris. Terry was probably doing this job to top up his pension amount so he could take his grandkids out a little more ever since their mother had got involved with the smack, the two kids Dennis and Lucy had never been the same. It all started when Kevin walked out on Sarah after Lucy was born claiming she wasn’t his and in a desperate hope Sarah turned to Mic who started to pimp her out, from there it went all day hill and now Sarah’s Dad was working in Tesco’s to try to pay the debt that his daughter created.

Anyway Terry carried on placing the items into the bag “Ciabatta, That looks nice and crusty. Mmm with soup that looks a nice meal and some fruit for afterwards” I thought it was strange that he was speaking my thoughts of why I had chosen my shopping basket items but carried on unphased on our peculiar this was narrating the thoughts of the customers journey though the aisles, amplifying there thoughts on how they made there shopping decisions. Or maybe he was just licking his lips as all he had to look forward to was Dorris’s Cheese and Ham on Hovis as all there earning had been spent paying Glen the dealer off.

After that I went home, ate and promptly fell asleep.

I like exercise as it’s good for. It’s allowing me to let of a lot of steam, and is giving me energy as well as creating a paradox of making me tired and therefore allowing me to fall to sleep when my head it’s the pillow instead of tossing and turning for half the night. I am also waking up at 8am with no artificial alarm, just the good old body clock.

What is also good about exercise is that people can help donate to your charity. Like Christies, and sponsor you for running 10k. So once again me being subtle as every then if you click HERE you can donate at my just giving page If every one who reads this post gave a pound it would treble the total amount raised to date.


Thank You


Terry is not a real man and has been made up for comic effect, all bit a dark and rather sick one, non the less I hoped Terry and his family made you smile. I often create biographies of people who I meet it entertains me.