A New Year and The Same Old Story

Well it is now the 10th or maybe the 15th of the first of the grand month of 2015, for some of you watching on Dave then it could quite possibly be the 2017. (UK Telly joke)

Once again I made a promise to myself to shift the weight and stop with the heavy drinking, and like a fool I picked the first month to start this off. Now its no secret that I have shed the pounds before but then its no lie that they have piled back on. I run and train for marathons and run some more, get injured rest a month or so out and bingo, I’m half a stone bigger. This is not to say that I am anywhere near the sight or weight I was when I first started my running addiction, no I’m just talking about that last bit of weight I can’t shift or get rid off and then to help matters I decide to go on a binge.

Well, I said to myself you are out of work so you might as well put that bike to good use and those trainers are still looking far to new. So I said to myself I will slowly bring myself up to the fitness I need. Now since December to now, I have placed a whole stone or 10kg on me. For my US friends that is around 14 pounds. (Get with the program and learn some other measurements) So come the day after boxing day I cut out the drink. Didn’t even have any on New Years and still have not. The chocolate and snacks were last to be cut out as they were still in the house sitting and waiting to be gobbled up. I eventually removed them by around the 4th.

So since then I have been keeping a food dairy and doing some running and cycling. Depending on the accuracy of my scales then I have already lost 2kg. Don’t feel or look thinner, but the high tech scales also says I have lost 5% of body fat.

So once agin its a new year and I have promised myself the same thing… I will train like a pro and I will look at what I eat. So far I have managed it,but for how long.

In truth I really do want to get down and start wearing smaller sizes. I don’t mid a little belly. I’m not on about looking like an Ironing Board, but I would like my hand to run down from my chest to my belly in a smooth straight line.

Oh well sure you’ll find out my progress at one point or the other.

To a promising 2015

The clock struck 12 and strangers embraced as the first dong echoed over the city and the sky was illuminated with colourful gunpowder. The New Year had begun no sooner had the last set of fireworks faded into the night sky along with the remaining  voices singing something resembling Auld Lang Syne, people turned to one another, complete strangers, friends and family and wished them a ‘Happy New Year’

Happy! Happy? how do they know, this is the start of yet another miserable life on earth , surly we should be saying Happy 2014 lets hope 2015 is just as good. Of course it could be and while I know some where in this complex organ we call ‘The Brain’ that wishing people ‘Happy New Year’ is in fact a way of saying hope it’s a good one, this after all is the first day so think of it has a new leaf or turning a page of a book. 2015 can be a new chapter and you’re the author so you can make sure it’s a good one.

That’s what it’s all about isn’t it, the idea that this year will be better than the last, and for me that could be possible. Come Monday I could have a visa for NZ again by the end of the month I might have a job, this could be the year that injury stays away so I reach my target of becoming slim Jim and with that echoes a new day. Whatever I decide to do today may shape the rest of the year, start as you mean to go on and all that. The fact is my leg is still feeling sorry for itself and I don’t want to risk agitating the injury even after 4 weeks of rest, but at the same time I want to get back to my running and cycling (Who wouldn’t?)

So will 2015 be a happy year, will it bring you all your dreams. Only you can write the chapter, sure other people will help. They will be your inspiration, but you’re the one with the pen, don’t let your friends or family become the ghost writers of your story. 1st January is the first page of 365 page book, so make it a good one.

So here’s to a promising  2015.

Here’s to 2013 – My kind of Resolution

Well my glass is half full.

As I watch ‘Come Dine With Me’ in the dark looking out over North Manchester being lit by the dim glow of the moon wrapped in cloud I drink to 2012 and think this will be my last drink, this will be my last midnight feast of Pizza. Yes as off 1st January the sweet taste of cider, wine and ale will not pass my mouth nor will the pile of cheese or bread that I force down. this is not a New Years pact with myself but just a way of training. My running training has always needed improvement and the fuel I decide to power my running is one of the major factors of improvement.

So as the clock strikes I will end my drinking binge and say goodbye to one my vices. Along with waving or controlling my twitter antics, 2013 will see me having a clear lack of presence on the social media scene as Facebook has already had the boot.

Training hard is the key, eating healthy and cross training to make me a mean, clean running machine will be my goal. That and trying to get to New Zealand.

Happy New Year.

It’s Christmas…..

As Noddy Holder once said, ‘It’s Christmas’ and don’t we all bloody know it. The usual cut through to get to work was like hitting Birmingham at Rush Hour. Crowds of hopeless lost, mad, frantic people trying to get those last-minute bits and pieces. Lines for the checkout twisting around the aisles, queues to even get into the shops. The streets were packed with lifeless souls like zombies walking from one destination to the next and they call this fun. This is Christmas and Ba Humbug.

Rather than write yet another torrent of dribble that will fully depress you and suck any christmas spirit you may have I have opted for the cheaper option and will be good enough to post links of past Christmas and New Years rants. Over this year I have seen many new followers and I know as a blog reader myself there is not always time to search the archives so for those who enjoy the bitter ramblings feel free to click the links. While all anti Christmas and New Year a scrooge character I may be but the blogs are only the truth an insight to the real christmas we all face once you have stripped the Tinsel, lights and rubbed those drunken eyes this is what Christmas really is.

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My End of Year Review

Yes it’s not only Charlie Brooker who can do one, except I would imagine, in fact I know that his is funnier but then he’s looking back at events where this blog is looking back at me.

If truth be known I got up to March waiting a little synopsis of my life month by month when I realised that I have not done anything and certainly nothing to entertain readers. I was writing about my year and even I got bored writing it. However being that Word-press keep all posts you are more than welcome to trawl through the archives and read about my exciting life, but if like me you get bored doing that then you could just read this re-cap in bullet form.

  • Attended a theatre wedding, there a hoot, really nice in the hills of Buxton, small wedding.
  • Went on my first holiday for ten years and turned off all communication to the outside world. Loved every minute of it
  • Found out two of best mates are getting married
  • Attended a weekend wedding of two of my best mates, good weekend
  • Found out my bestest best mate is going to have a baby.
  • had my 30th
  • Got injured and acted like a berk cause I thought I would miss the Manchester 10K
  • Ran the Manchester 10K, and got addicted to running. Ran the Conwy Half, The Great North and the Great Yorkshire, also entered the Manchester Marathon for 2010
  • Lost a shite load of weight
  • Did the 3 peaks
  • Had another holiday just time in Brecon Beacons
  • Had to call out the Breakdown/Recovery people, a day after the policy became active due to friend who locked keys in-car
  • Walked a lot
  • Ran even more
  • Cycled a lot to work with working on MIF
  • bought a suit
  • Visited Barrow
  • Worked in Newcastle
  • Lived/Stayed in London
  • Celebrated my Ma and Pa’s wedding anniversary. It was a big one, can’t remember how long
  • Tired and stressed my self out doing 7 shows over five weeks
  • Had my 30th (Have I said that)
  • Stared building Concord
  • Visited a castles
  • To this date I have burnt 110828 Calories and have walked, cycled, ran 1449km when I have remembered to turn my app on
  • I have gained 7 more followers on here. Welcome
  • I have tweeted over 3ooo tweets
  • I have met 2 special people in my left and said goodbye to them.
  • I got a tax rebate
  • I spent a day in cinema on my own
  • I have moaned about lots of stuff

So there you have it, my year in a nut shell. Don’t forget if you do wish to read the past entries of blogs then please do so. Some are interesting. But I got bored looking back at 2011 and seeing that apart from running nothing really happened. Oh well on to 2012.

Have a good New Year.

How do people know?

Well I wasn’t going to write another moaning blog entry, well not straight away anyway.

But last night and today I am bombarded with fortune tellers! Everyone thinks it is perfectly acceptable to wish me ‘A Happy New Year’ this is causing me a great deal of inconvenience as I am now having to make notes of who wished me a happy year so I can inform them in 364 days if there wish came true for me.

I don’t understand what the big event is for. Let’s get pissed to forget one miserable year and now that we are so trollied and off our tits on cheap fizz we can guarantee that the start of the New Year will start painfully and continue along that road.

I’m glad that I didn’t and don’t extend to wishing people a happy year, I didn’t even extend the words to my house mate as big ben was struck and my hopeful delight of seeing the British screw the fireworks display exploded in front of me, as even I have to admit it was better than average however I feel ten minutes may have been a little over kill and the cynic in me feels they may have had a crisis meeting at three 0’clock after they saw what Sydney had thrown together.

Now I have that of my chest I will be able to lay back and see what the baby of 2011 brings me, and I know it won’t be any of the elements I require to make my life better, or further my career. After all the last couple of years never bought me any thing so I don’t see why 2011 would have the foresight.

Any ways I best get back to work and reading my book along with planning the trip to Wales to see one of my favourite castles. Stay tuned to see which one it is tomorrow!!!

And all that Bollocks

Well I thought I had better do one, if anything to stop me from being bored, and to tell you all, what my New Year promises are going to be.

Tonight I am at the moment, waiting for food. I do not know what I am going to have but am waiting until the crowds from the city centre depart and it is safe for me to weave my way through the streets before they once again swell with pissed up dicks who feel that saying goodbye to one year and hello to another is a good enough reason to become more drunk than any other time in the year.

I have decided to stay at home and do nothing. I feel that I may be in bed before the big event happens, and if watching the firework’s in Honk Kong and Auckland are anything to go by… Then I wish for my shake that I am not awake to witness the appalling display of the Roman Candles and odd Catherine Wheel that will be ignited in our London City when Big Ben get Struck.

So here’s a toast, with a cup of tea in hand to a New Year, and lets hope I will be able to fulfil all my resolutions this time round. With only six hours to go I still have three of my five resolutions to try to complete and being that I will be spending those six hours on my own, and not working and the banks are closed then I can guarantee that I will not be completing the five resolutions I made last year. The two that can be ticked off, are to pass my driving test and buy a car.

I feel maybe I will make them not so ambitious, so my five this year, are to

1. Wash up

2. Put washing on

3. Carry on running

4. Go on holiday

5. Become 30

I am pretty confident about all of them. Especially keeping the fifth one.

Right I’m off to select some box sets, and look at some take out menus and curl up on the sofa and spend a nice night in by myself, and come tomorrow I will join in the rest of the Human Race promising to stop drinking and loose weight and become a better person.

Whatever you’re up to, or if you have already arrived into 2011 then Happy although it be belated or not New Year, for some reason my friends feel that I want to know about it, as for the afternoon I have been reading texts telling me that my mates will be to pissed to inform me that it’s the New Year, as If I wouldn’t know. My plan is off course not to know as I will be asleep but I am sure those friends will still text as they will be to drunk to remember that they already sent the token message.

This truly most be the strangest evening in the year.