Finishing it all. And one last call for sponsorship!

Well those who follow me on twitter will have noticed there has been some radio silence. That is because I have retired from tweeting. I have reached my 10,oooth tweet in just over two years and I thought it was time to hang up my status updates.

We all know that give it two weeks I will be back on as all it will take is some idiot of a shop keeper or some girls on a bus talking absolute rubbish to get my blood to boil and vent all over cyber space.

Anyway enough about this, now it’s time to get to the hard stuff. My running is going, and I am very pleased with the progress. I have now run 10 miles so only really need to get it up to 11 miles and just work on my inner strength and stamina, and I think I will be ready. However what won’t be ready is my sponsorship. It is coming along, but really slow. People who have said they will donate have so far neglected the several ways that they can choose to part with their funds. To be honest I don’t blame them but I am now wondering why some people have thousands listed on their Just Giving Page from complete strangers and I have nothing. Well that’s not true I do have funds but nowhere near enough.

So if you are reading this and wish to help the Cancer Charity that I support. There is a page dedicated to it, then please do click on the link right below.

I hope you are able to help me, and the Christies even if it’s just pound donated by the new text message system that Vodafone have set up.(full details on the link)

Oh well I will leave it to you, but I pledged I would raise £600.00 and I somehow thought I would struggle with the run, but at the moment it seems the other way around.

See you all soon.

Camping, Walking, Castles, Two thirds my perfect holiday

Well my last post was all about the walking holiday I have just been on and many of you may say that, that was no holiday. Where is the beach or the pool, the cocktail bar, the sun etc. Well I’m not into any of the usual holiday spots and I do quite like the idea of hiking and walking and looking at the wonderful country we live in soaking up our rich countryside and heritage.

Now on the holiday I took last week, it was one of my first proper camping experiences, and while I feel I will not go it alone just quite yet, I did rather enjoy it. Not as much as staying in a hotel, and having a wonderful cooked breakfast and being able to fall into the shower but none the less I did not grumble and if I am to carry out the next holiday plan in a cheap manner then camping is the only way.

That holiday is again walking, but with the added obsession of mine Castles. Wales is littered with them, and before 2012 I wish to have explored most of them. The northern shore has been done, and thanks to last week I have now completed one of the mid/south part of Wales. Therefore I am now planning a camping holiday that replaces walking with looking at castles, and trains, bridges, and canals just to make it ultra geeky.

The following posts will be filled with the castles I wish to visit, and the start of this grand plan. What is worrying is the amount of people who also wish to take part in this little adventure. Not that I am complaining, as I need the people with tents and sleeping bags but most important of all I need the good company of my friends.

So who knows within the next week or so, I may be setting up camp waiting to visit many a castle.

I’m now off to read all about the castles I may visit at some point in the future.

Whats been happening!

Well I’ve been working like a dog that is for sure. Over the past what feels like a month but as turned out only to be two and half weeks I have been pulling 15-16 hour days, feeding cable through, running the site, tripping the power operating the shows, acting as front of house. Within that time I have been coming home and in bed by 10 and up by 6.

Some of my friends pissed me off when they tweeted about their long tech week…. which would have mostly consisted off sitting down. I was also quite annoyed that a message on Facebook too several of my friends was sent out trying to organise a get together. It didn’t materialise as I knew it wouldn’t and this caused me to be quite angry for some reason. I even twitted ‘Fuck my friends’ which one brushed off knowing me and the situation the other text me to ask for more info.

Anyway there is now a week left to go on my contract and the house is a mess. I’m looking forward to getting into Marko and driving on my favourite of all roads the M6 to Fort William, and then back down to the lakes and finally to the best holiday destination of mine the wonderful scenic landscape of Snowdon National Park.

But what about you running I hear you say. Well, my foot is still there and is still in pain. I have been keeping it iced and rested, but have also now started to do some small runs on it, so we will see where it goes. My sponsorship is at 4% of my target, which I am of course a little bit upset about but hopefully it will pick up nearer the time. My new work colleagues have all agreed to sponsor me, so hopefully that should push up the target a little bit

Anyway not much to update as I have been a busy bee and as such have neglected the house work, so need to pay some attention to the state of the house.

Bye for now.

Donating by Text

Well donating as just got easier. As you know I am rasing money for Christies and the campaign is not going to well. It is still in the early days yet, and I now have £5 in the pot.

The fiver arrived through the new Just Giving method. Vodafone free of charge are allowing people to text their donations. So if you would like to donate quickly and can’t be bothered creating a Just Giving account then all you need to do is select an amount from £1 to £10 and send it in a message to 70070 along with LDEX73 in the subject.



Message: LDEX73  £10

What could be easier. You will then receive a text saying your donation as been succesful with a link to gift aid your donation. It would be great for those who do donate, to also gift aid, as we raise more money that way.

Hopefully soon I will start y training as i feel my foot my be finally on the mend, but for safety am giving it another week of no running to make completely sure.

Said it before, but if it’s worth saying it’s worth saying twice….

Or even worth saying three or four times. I have mentioned this now several times, but if Radio 4 and Radio 4 extra can repeat these shows then I’m allowed to repeat myself. Radio comedy is ace. I love it. prefer it from telly comedy. There is nothing better than to close my eyes, or go for a drive (not at the same time) and listen to the panel argue if it was repetition or picturing the image that is being voiced to me. I recommend you also listen to radio comedy, especially if you’re a fan. I also recommend you check out these shows below. These are my best radio shows that I love and admire. Many of them turned into telly shows that were equally as funny, but the radio versions still make me wet myself. It also explains my sense of humour and shows the influence of some of the todays comedies. Some shows are modern but the majority date back to the fifties, and some are still running. So here is the list, in no order. there are some that are Television shows that in the 80’s when radio comedy was short, they reversed the process and made them available for a radio audience like Dad’s Army and Yes Minister.

there all the ones that come to mind at the moment, but there are at least twice that many that I love.

Suits You Sir!!!

Well, I have a wedding, not mine…. Well I hope it isn’t mine, no one has told me and I can’t remember asking anyone. I can remember however accepting an invite to one of my closest friends to attend their special day. All I need is a suit, I don’t own one and resent having to wear one. Ever since 6th Form where we had to wear suits as our uniform, I have never worn a suit since. Weddings  have gone and I have manage to get away with smart trousers and a shirt and tie, but this is special, and I do need a suit as more and more friends are throwing there lives away…. Sorry I mean getting married.

For this I needed a suit so headed to Slaters, I’ve been told they were cheap, and money was an important factor, This blog is the wonderful world of suit shops and their expertise, I must say there was no checking to see which way I hung but there was an awful lot of eyeing up and down.

I walked in, and an old man, not to unlike the old guy in ‘Are being served’ asked exactly that. ‘I’m looking for a suit I said” The man took one look at me and sighed, ‘You don’t wear suits do you?

I admitted that it had been some time and it had been, over ten years since I last wore a blazer and trousers, my brothers wedding saw me in smart shirt and black trousers and other weddings since have had the outting of a non matching jacket courtesy from a friend, but he now lives away from the city so I decided to bite the bullet. “No I don’t, my line of work does not call for it!’

He gave me another look and zoomed off to the other side of the shop, he glided towards me with a jacket. ‘Try that on for size’ There was some trouble as I went to hold the jacket, but it seemed that this was his job, and mine was to merely slip my arms through the sleeves. ‘How does that feel?’ ‘Fine” I replied, a little tight’ ‘Yes you have long arms for you body’ With that he glided off to another jacket. Once this had been sorted and he now knew my size the selection process started, questions about the use and time of year and colour were asked. I gave my answers and before I knew it I had 3 suits that I would never have dreamed to look at. I tried them on, and they were all great, felt good and looked good. I chose some myself only to be faced with a nodding head of disapproval ‘that won’t suit you sir”

And you know what? the guy was correct, it didn’t. I found it fantastic the way he knew my size and colour and shape all my eying me up. The last thing to do was to make the adjustments and measure the legs.

All I have to do now is find a shirt and tie to match the new suit, and make sure I don’t spill any food down it at the wedding.

Also needs to polish my shoes.

Need to do quite a lot of stuff, oh well best get on with.

A Short one

And it was, 10K felt like a lot when I ran it in training, but the Manchester 10K was fun. I loved every minute of it, and really enjoyed it. I am now entering the Sheffield run, and looking for more 5 and 10K’s to do. Soon I will be doing half marathons and then who knows maybe New York and London.

My target of 500 quid was not reached, but the Just Giving page is not closed yet, so who knows I may still get to the target.

My race time was no PB but at 51 minutes I was very happy with that, especially as I had not trained for a month before hand due to injury which is still plaguing me at the moment.

Oh well on to the next one.

Call for a writing partner again

Well a while ago I sent a message to the world or rather the blogging community that I wanted to write a comedy show and was in need of a partner.

Once again I find my self trying to encourage people to the forum and become part of an inspirational writing duo, or if there was more of a murmur then I’m sure we could accommodate a gang and take the radio four comedy scene by storm.

Maybe I should recap on where my humour sits and hopefully this will attract the correct fellow comically people to find the courage to approach me.

My humour is everything, I mean from silent to slapstick, political to childish, radio to stand up, knock knock to observation and of course a bit of blue. However ‘Mrs Browns Boys’ is not on the list of comedy that I enjoy.

So what comedy do I wish to write or have a go at… The big answer is radio and whether this is in the form of sketch or a sitcom I have yet to make my mind up. I like the styles of ‘Round the Horne’ and would love to write clever with a touch of silly humour like

“I had been working on the case for some months, my constable told me that it would be easier on my back if I used my desk but I was old fashioned. The file was passed to me from the crime squad and had started when Charlie Fine enter ten puns into a pun competition hoping to win. It all kicked off when no pun in ten did and Charlie accursed the organisers of fixing. It had been an odd several months and now on this cold night I had to go to our chief suspects house. I knocked the door knocker a wonderful invention that won a Nobel prize for the inventor. After a long pause a boy answered the door in his pyjamas I thought it was an odd place to have a door but the idea was quickly forgotten as I needed to speak to his dad”

Okay I admit more silly than clever but do you think I am about to broadcast my best work on the web? I do like silly and surreal humour as at the moment the play I’m working on would be vastly improved with the addition of some birds. The comedy of course comes with picking the right bird for the scene and without droning on to give a synopsis of the show, you will just have to believe me that adding a pelican in Act 2 scene 3 would bring the house down.

So while I have not achieved my goal of attracting a writing partner hopefully I have secured a commission with Radio 4 for my Noir detective style comedy ramblings and who knows I may even go away and continue the episode for another blog post.

Now won’t that be nice?

Writers Block

Well being a blogger it was bound to happen at some point, but it is not affecting the blogging community yet so no need to panic as I will still be churning out this old rubbish for weeks to come.

I actually have a job that pays me and thus make a living. Which is a bit of luck as the blog side of my life seems to fail at bringing in any real monetary reward. In fact at the last count I had earnt a total of zero pence.

Now this other job or the day job is the wonderful world of theatre and I am a member of an organisation where I hold a position on there exec panel. Now I don’t have to, but it is expected that from time to time I should put pen to paper and write an article for the magazine. This is now the time, as it has been several months since I last wrote and now am struggling with an idea for an interesting fruitful article.

The trouble is I have several ideas, but none that would spin into a 300 word article or that I could sew together to make a coherent read. So instead of writing the article I thought I would turn to my blog for ideas and get the creative juices flowing by writing this. I can for those who are questioning can inform you all that it has not helped one little bit.

So as I draw this mini adventure to a close I turn my thoughts into spinning several notes into a worth while read.

You know when your addicted when…..

Well I have thought it. Why else would I wake up at 7 to go for a run. Why else would I jog everyday, watch what I ate, and pushed myself to the limits if I wasn’t addicted to this sport or some may say torture that is running. Well now it’s official I am now addicted. Apart from buying the lycra and sport clothing I am now one of those people who shell out the £5.00 for a magazine. A magazine you say? Yes a Magazine. I started reading my mates fitness mags like Mens health and I often flicked through the running ones when I travelled through Smiths, but now I have purchased one and pray to my running god that it is worth it. The Mens Fitness is worth it even if I use to think it was odd for people to buy this and always wondered who went to smiths to buy a copy but they have some good articles and tips on how to train and cool down etc etc so lets hope that it can improve my time and my running technique. I will of course let you lovely people know.

Right now I’m off to find some good running blogs.