Postcard #5 Dr Who could of been filmed here

Well I’m writing this little gem back in Manchester, and I am fully depressed. I want to be back in Wales, and I celebrated the last day by driving through all the towns with castles and seeing my favourite bridge. I also spent the last day walking around Llanberis slate museum and walking around the quarry. This was me in my element. My new hobby walking and soaking up the deadly atmosphere in a quarry that looked like a planet from Dr Who. The heritage and Victorian engineering that went into this quarry is extraordinary and the wildlife that now surrounds it was wonderful. A Hawk, or Kestrel was spotted and plenty of birds. This town is well worth a trip and I wish I had discovered the area sooner as the walks and views were fantastic. Plus there was a castle.


A full blog/page (one can never tell if you should do a page or blog post for these thing) of my holiday will be up soon. Once I have written it. But you will see lots of wonderful cute animals like this fella. I named him Edward.

Postcard #4 Snowdons got the height, but thats it….

The final postcard…. Boo. I’m upset about leaving and if I had no place in Manchester I would carry on living here and driving round with my little car. This postcard may cause discussion, but when I write my Wales Holiday page hopefully you will see why I make the points.

Again wonderful weather to wake up to and agin more walking. So I gt into my car and drove to Cader Idris just under 900 meters is not small, but seems to be dwarfed by its larger Cousin. I admit the walk up Snowdon is nice, but the pay off for the effort is average. Cader Idris however offers the best payoff and climb to the summit going. The rest of the day was spent driving to Corris to see a railway museum that was basically a shed, and then driving round trying to find a petrol station before Marko stopped running. At 412 Miles done on a tank I had filled up and it was on to Barmouth to see the bridge and walk along the sea front. Tomorrow is home time but not before I stop of at Electric Mountain, and the Slate Museum.

See you when I get back.

Postcard #3 – More waking above and in the ground!

Hello today started with the walk around Portmeirion which is such a long adventure I have to blog about separately. From there I went Castle hunting and good news was that the shop was closed so I got in for free, as basically it was not worth the £3.00 entry fee. I then went off to walk in a copper mine and was scared out of my wits as I was walking along by myself in a cold wet mine. From there I decided to go and walk up Snowdon again before coming back to the hotel. I now need to plan what I’m doing for tomorrow, but I can imagine it will be some more climbing, and walking.

The picture of the day comes courtesy of a nice Robin that allowed me to snap away.

Postcard #2


Well I am writing this back at the hotel, tired and thirsty and extremely hungry. Not sure what to go for tonight on the old pub menu, if it will be like last night then everything will be fabulous, I can really welcomed this place, and will be coming back here once again. But for now I am having to write this with a cup of tea and complementary biscuits. Why do they only give you two packs?

Today’s little adventure was up the Pgy trial to the summit of Snowdon, and I did it, there and back in 3 hours (which made me laugh as there were some young people dressed in all the gear feeling pleased that they’d done it in 3 hours and 15 minutes). I have not included the 30 mins I spent at the top. I then went from there on a driving mission. I love the Welsh roads so bendy and fast. I must say I am very pleased with myself that I managed to climb it and am glad I did, I wouldn’t say I’m an experienced walker but I had expected something more challenging. Don’t get me wrong it was hard in places but I was expecting a lot worst.  Anyway I am now feeling very sleepy. Tomorrow I feel will be a very slow relaxing down, walking around towns and riding on steam trains as well as running on a beach as I may be on holiday but I need to keep up the training.

Photos as always are uploaded onto my Flicker Site Link in the right hand column on main page.

Postcard from Wales #1

To Whom is reading this, the following posts this week, will be written in the style of good old postcard style, unless I get really carried away and start to waffle like I normally do.

So today the first Postcard picture is this beauty.


Arrived in Wales, with a nice drive through the National Park of Snowdonia. I arrived at my Hotel before check in so carried on driving through to Harlech, where I stumbled across a castle. I say stumbled I almost crashed my car has it appeared round the bend. I knew it was there, it was on  my list to do, but I never expected it to look like it did. It was wonderful. (Pictures on my Flicker Site) As I walked round this town, which is now on my list of retirement towns when I reach that grand old age, I stumbled across this shop (See front of Postcard) I have no idea what marketing person they hired as I looked high and low and could not find any more Ice Cream makers. So by simple deduction even if they were the worst they should also be the best. Anyway running out of room on this fictitious card. If the weather does the same tomorrow as it did today then Snowdon will be getting me trampling all over it. If not then it’s to the television set of the Prisoner at Portmeirion.

See you when I get back.