Slowing Down!!!!

The trouble with me is I’m quick. I’m no Mo and am certainly not going to come first in any 5000m especially when my PB for that stands at a mere 8 minutes behind the world record at what I and many of you may consider to be a speedy 21 minutes.

I have trouble slowing my pace down. When training for the my first half, I’d be running 7, 8, 9 and even 10 miles at my 10K pace and no matter what I did I couldn’t slow it, the other trouble I have is doing too much too quick. I ignore the whole 10% rule and while training for the Great North I did a 6K one day only to jump up to a 10 miler by the end of the week. Well after taking a week off to some very angry inflamed muscles, I followed my compulsory rest period with the same mistake.

So it seems I can’t slow my pace, but I also can’t control the time it takes to increase my running distance. Well today was a result. In fact up to now my Marathon training, while maybe not increasing by 10% has been increased by a mile a week and today saw me run at a slow pace off 30 seconds a minute slower than I have been. Thats around a 9 minute mile. Still not fantastic as they say you should run a minute slower than your marathon race day pace, I must say I felt very relaxed and comfortable and enjoyed it greatly. The trouble was I went and ran 15 miles. That’s a jump of 4 miles in a week. But now with my new pace it felt good, and so far there’s no complaint from any of the major muscle groups.

Next week I must reduce it again, and then maybe ramp it up.

I think the weather is to blame for the distance as it was that January winter sun, on a frost covered pavement with a stunning blue sky that echoed a slight chill only to be warmed by the glow of the sun hovering about the city making Manchester glisten.

I must admit while I feel fine, I should have put a cap on it, as I am working all night tonight and won’t retire to my bed until 6am Sunday morning. Maybe when I wake on Sunday will be when the muscles decide to begin their revolt. We will just have to see.

A Call to all Runners

Very short post. As many of you know who follow me you will know that I have trouble running at a slow pace, well on the run today, I was running at a slower pace than I have been use to. Still far to fast to keep it up for more than 13.1 Miles but never the less, I was not doing my 6 miles in the usual 45 minutes. Now I put this down to one reason and one reason only and that is the music that is pumping into my ears. I always put my music onto a random selection so I will occasional have some up beat rock followed by some Miles Davis and then some dance track only to be slowed with a bit of Leonard Cohen. Surprisingly I normal keep within the same pace I have set out with even with a mix of songs, unless there is four or five up beat tracks and then I will up my game.

The question is what do other people listen to. I need my music to keep me company, unless I am running some where new and scenic and as I run for longer the idea of keeping myself company for two hours is not a thrilling one, after all I do know how boring I am. I do read these blogs back (the spelling and grammar mistakes may suggest otherwise)

However while I was out running the other day, there were two tracks that came on back to back from the same album, and I suddenly found myself slowing right down, and enjoying the running while listening to the words. The Album was ‘Jeff Wayne War of the Worlds’ this made me hit upon the idea that maybe I need to run to audio books. So here’s the question.

1. What do you run to?

2. Do you listen to Podcasts or audio books and if so which ones?

3. Which books would you recommend are worth a listen, (I’m not a big reader but I have done all the usual suspects) But are there some good books out there read by good actors that are better listened to than being read. I always enjoy the Radio 4 play and book at bedtime when I’m driving so maybe I have been missing out on this hidden world and lets face it I don’t want to be running around Manchester for 26.2 miles to ‘Soul Wax and 2 Many DJ’s’ at 6 min/mile. I do want to still be alive come the finish line.

Oh well I will leave to you many readers to discuss.

And before anyway says anything I know that Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds also has music in it, but it was the scripted story and narration that helped to slow me down.