Instagram – Self promotion

A really simple quick post here, but I like my pictures that I take and share to the world, and while I have a number of followers it still the wrong side of 100. Yes there is a little bit of me that does it for the attention to see how many likes I get and I find it weird that some only get 2, while others run into the 30’s. Sure the hashtags may be different, some times they are the same.

I’m a big fan of Instagram, love posting and love finding images of stuff I’m in to and new places to explore.

So if you like cooking, countryside, mountains, England, New Zealand, trains, buildings or dogs then have a look at my page and maybe follow or click the like button. Let me know what you think of the images.

Thanks in advance.

Social Media is a Funny Business

Just a short post about social media, especially Twitter and Blogging sites.

So what is this short post, well I have been out off work for some weeks now, the most of December and I am climbing the walls (and am also starting to feel depressed as my friends seem to be ignoring me and I am over thinking things). But there are people who I have never met, or only met once through business and work who I follow on Twitter or read their blogs and I seem to have more interaction with them than I do my own real life friends.

Tonight I had a nice twitter conversation with someone who I have only met once for 30 minutes, but we often talk like were old friends. I think this is strange partly because I have not seen my friends mostly because they are too busy.

I just find it very strange that Social Media can do this, as I imagine with half the people I share discourse with on social media site would make very good company over a pint in a pub.