Saving the Date

Now let’s be honest I’m not the best critic to pass judgement on this subject and maybe there is a reason for it, but my cynical mind leads me down the path of yet another Americanism and way to bleed the happy couple dry.

Off the last six weddings I’ve had the honour of being invited too I have received four ‘Save the date’ cards. The two that saw sense and just sent an invitation were still rewarded with my presence as clever old me wrote the date down. Like if you know the date of your wedding then just send out the invitation. I can understand a ‘Save the weekend of July has we will be getting married around then’ but an actual ‘Save the Date (STD) is pointless.

I don’t see the point in sending out a card to say ‘Save this Date’ just send out the wedding invitation out earlier and if people can attend then they will RSVP. As all that ‘STD’ does is make people write a date down or maybe scratch down below.

I really don’t know what else to say, there is no need. You don’t send out a ‘STD’ for your Birthday party do you? Your local garage doesn’t send out a ‘STD when your M.O.T is due they just tell you. I really don’t know why people bother. Just txt or tell me when your special day is, or send me an actual invitation as then I will be more inclined to record the date in my calender as I know I have been Luckily enough to be part of a selected number who is celebrating your happiness.

So can anyone explain the meaning or origin of these pointless cards? I different think so.

My End of Year Review

Yes it’s not only Charlie Brooker who can do one, except I would imagine, in fact I know that his is funnier but then he’s looking back at events where this blog is looking back at me.

If truth be known I got up to March waiting a little synopsis of my life month by month when I realised that I have not done anything and certainly nothing to entertain readers. I was writing about my year and even I got bored writing it. However being that Word-press keep all posts you are more than welcome to trawl through the archives and read about my exciting life, but if like me you get bored doing that then you could just read this re-cap in bullet form.

  • Attended a theatre wedding, there a hoot, really nice in the hills of Buxton, small wedding.
  • Went on my first holiday for ten years and turned off all communication to the outside world. Loved every minute of it
  • Found out two of best mates are getting married
  • Attended a weekend wedding of two of my best mates, good weekend
  • Found out my bestest best mate is going to have a baby.
  • had my 30th
  • Got injured and acted like a berk cause I thought I would miss the Manchester 10K
  • Ran the Manchester 10K, and got addicted to running. Ran the Conwy Half, The Great North and the Great Yorkshire, also entered the Manchester Marathon for 2010
  • Lost a shite load of weight
  • Did the 3 peaks
  • Had another holiday just time in Brecon Beacons
  • Had to call out the Breakdown/Recovery people, a day after the policy became active due to friend who locked keys in-car
  • Walked a lot
  • Ran even more
  • Cycled a lot to work with working on MIF
  • bought a suit
  • Visited Barrow
  • Worked in Newcastle
  • Lived/Stayed in London
  • Celebrated my Ma and Pa’s wedding anniversary. It was a big one, can’t remember how long
  • Tired and stressed my self out doing 7 shows over five weeks
  • Had my 30th (Have I said that)
  • Stared building Concord
  • Visited a castles
  • To this date I have burnt 110828 Calories and have walked, cycled, ran 1449km when I have remembered to turn my app on
  • I have gained 7 more followers on here. Welcome
  • I have tweeted over 3ooo tweets
  • I have met 2 special people in my left and said goodbye to them.
  • I got a tax rebate
  • I spent a day in cinema on my own
  • I have moaned about lots of stuff

So there you have it, my year in a nut shell. Don’t forget if you do wish to read the past entries of blogs then please do so. Some are interesting. But I got bored looking back at 2011 and seeing that apart from running nothing really happened. Oh well on to 2012.

Have a good New Year.

Suits You Sir!!!

Well, I have a wedding, not mine…. Well I hope it isn’t mine, no one has told me and I can’t remember asking anyone. I can remember however accepting an invite to one of my closest friends to attend their special day. All I need is a suit, I don’t own one and resent having to wear one. Ever since 6th Form where we had to wear suits as our uniform, I have never worn a suit since. Weddings  have gone and I have manage to get away with smart trousers and a shirt and tie, but this is special, and I do need a suit as more and more friends are throwing there lives away…. Sorry I mean getting married.

For this I needed a suit so headed to Slaters, I’ve been told they were cheap, and money was an important factor, This blog is the wonderful world of suit shops and their expertise, I must say there was no checking to see which way I hung but there was an awful lot of eyeing up and down.

I walked in, and an old man, not to unlike the old guy in ‘Are being served’ asked exactly that. ‘I’m looking for a suit I said” The man took one look at me and sighed, ‘You don’t wear suits do you?

I admitted that it had been some time and it had been, over ten years since I last wore a blazer and trousers, my brothers wedding saw me in smart shirt and black trousers and other weddings since have had the outting of a non matching jacket courtesy from a friend, but he now lives away from the city so I decided to bite the bullet. “No I don’t, my line of work does not call for it!’

He gave me another look and zoomed off to the other side of the shop, he glided towards me with a jacket. ‘Try that on for size’ There was some trouble as I went to hold the jacket, but it seemed that this was his job, and mine was to merely slip my arms through the sleeves. ‘How does that feel?’ ‘Fine” I replied, a little tight’ ‘Yes you have long arms for you body’ With that he glided off to another jacket. Once this had been sorted and he now knew my size the selection process started, questions about the use and time of year and colour were asked. I gave my answers and before I knew it I had 3 suits that I would never have dreamed to look at. I tried them on, and they were all great, felt good and looked good. I chose some myself only to be faced with a nodding head of disapproval ‘that won’t suit you sir”

And you know what? the guy was correct, it didn’t. I found it fantastic the way he knew my size and colour and shape all my eying me up. The last thing to do was to make the adjustments and measure the legs.

All I have to do now is find a shirt and tie to match the new suit, and make sure I don’t spill any food down it at the wedding.

Also needs to polish my shoes.

Need to do quite a lot of stuff, oh well best get on with.