A New Year and The Same Old Story

Well it is now the 10th or maybe the 15th of the first of the grand month of 2015, for some of you watching on Dave then it could quite possibly be the 2017. (UK Telly joke)

Once again I made a promise to myself to shift the weight and stop with the heavy drinking, and like a fool I picked the first month to start this off. Now its no secret that I have shed the pounds before but then its no lie that they have piled back on. I run and train for marathons and run some more, get injured rest a month or so out and bingo, I’m half a stone bigger. This is not to say that I am anywhere near the sight or weight I was when I first started my running addiction, no I’m just talking about that last bit of weight I can’t shift or get rid off and then to help matters I decide to go on a binge.

Well, I said to myself you are out of work so you might as well put that bike to good use and those trainers are still looking far to new. So I said to myself I will slowly bring myself up to the fitness I need. Now since December to now, I have placed a whole stone or 10kg on me. For my US friends that is around 14 pounds. (Get with the program and learn some other measurements) So come the day after boxing day I cut out the drink. Didn’t even have any on New Years and still have not. The chocolate and snacks were last to be cut out as they were still in the house sitting and waiting to be gobbled up. I eventually removed them by around the 4th.

So since then I have been keeping a food dairy and doing some running and cycling. Depending on the accuracy of my scales then I have already lost 2kg. Don’t feel or look thinner, but the high tech scales also says I have lost 5% of body fat.

So once agin its a new year and I have promised myself the same thing… I will train like a pro and I will look at what I eat. So far I have managed it,but for how long.

In truth I really do want to get down and start wearing smaller sizes. I don’t mid a little belly. I’m not on about looking like an Ironing Board, but I would like my hand to run down from my chest to my belly in a smooth straight line.

Oh well sure you’ll find out my progress at one point or the other.

My End of Year Review

Yes it’s not only Charlie Brooker who can do one, except I would imagine, in fact I know that his is funnier but then he’s looking back at events where this blog is looking back at me.

If truth be known I got up to March waiting a little synopsis of my life month by month when I realised that I have not done anything and certainly nothing to entertain readers. I was writing about my year and even I got bored writing it. However being that Word-press keep all posts you are more than welcome to trawl through the archives and read about my exciting life, but if like me you get bored doing that then you could just read this re-cap in bullet form.

  • Attended a theatre wedding, there a hoot, really nice in the hills of Buxton, small wedding.
  • Went on my first holiday for ten years and turned off all communication to the outside world. Loved every minute of it
  • Found out two of best mates are getting married
  • Attended a weekend wedding of two of my best mates, good weekend
  • Found out my bestest best mate is going to have a baby.
  • had my 30th
  • Got injured and acted like a berk cause I thought I would miss the Manchester 10K
  • Ran the Manchester 10K, and got addicted to running. Ran the Conwy Half, The Great North and the Great Yorkshire, also entered the Manchester Marathon for 2010
  • Lost a shite load of weight
  • Did the 3 peaks
  • Had another holiday just time in Brecon Beacons
  • Had to call out the Breakdown/Recovery people, a day after the policy became active due to friend who locked keys in-car
  • Walked a lot
  • Ran even more
  • Cycled a lot to work with working on MIF
  • bought a suit
  • Visited Barrow
  • Worked in Newcastle
  • Lived/Stayed in London
  • Celebrated my Ma and Pa’s wedding anniversary. It was a big one, can’t remember how long
  • Tired and stressed my self out doing 7 shows over five weeks
  • Had my 30th (Have I said that)
  • Stared building Concord
  • Visited a castles
  • To this date I have burnt 110828 Calories and have walked, cycled, ran 1449km when I have remembered to turn my app on
  • I have gained 7 more followers on here. Welcome
  • I have tweeted over 3ooo tweets
  • I have met 2 special people in my left and said goodbye to them.
  • I got a tax rebate
  • I spent a day in cinema on my own
  • I have moaned about lots of stuff

So there you have it, my year in a nut shell. Don’t forget if you do wish to read the past entries of blogs then please do so. Some are interesting. But I got bored looking back at 2011 and seeing that apart from running nothing really happened. Oh well on to 2012.

Have a good New Year.

Today has seen something that has been locked away for a long time

Well I don’t like keeping stuff that I don’t need. It’s true. But I do keep some stuff and today I am wearing said article. Perhaps I should fill you in.

I was never fat, I was big and had a waist of 38″ at one point in my life I was thin but after uni and having a full-time job and drinking every night I piled on the weight. I lost some weight only to gain it all back and a little extra. Each year I would give up some vice, be it the drink or the pizza or bread. I would start exercising but soon get bored. Now whenever I lost weight I would often discard the items of clothing that were no longing fitting as they often made me look like I was wearing a tent. However not that I was super skinny at Uni, but I was a 34″ I decided to keep the clothes that no longer fitted me in a hope that when I tried the items on in the future the mere nature of them hugging the fat and magnifying the rolls of flab would encourage me to shed the extra tyres.

But as I have already said the encouragement only lasted for so long and not long enough for me to fit once again in these T-shirts. However 16 months ago I needed to lose weight I was unhappy and a new gym had opened up that was cheap. While in these beginning months nothing happened, I still weighed 17 stone and had a belly. I should explain that while I was heavy and I never looked to see what my BMI was I was only showing the weight on the belly and face that allowed people to reassure me that I wasn’t fat or overweight I was just carrying a beer belly.

So with the new cheap gym membership I decided to go and aim to lose weight. This time I was going to moderate my eating and drinking activities rather than cutting them out. Two years previous I gave up the booze and lost a stone only to fall off the wagon when I felt and looked thinner. This time was not going to be like this. I joined the gym with a friend to encourage me, but he found the gym boring and due to our working lives we soon stopped going. I convinced another mate to join and this is where it all changed.

I have mentioned how and why I started running and it was down to this mate. 13 months ago I could not run for more than two minutes, and now I am running 7 miles a day and have run 2 half marathons and am entering a full on 26.2 miles in April. This is all because I am stubborn and very competitive and was not about to let my mate out run me on the treadmill and as a result I found that with determination I could run longer for 2 minutes. To make sure it wasn’t a fluke I returned to the gym to run for 20 minutes again and again, soon selecting the 5K option and finding that 24 minutes later I was being instructed by the running machine to begin my cool down. Fellow runners told me that this time was good for a novice and a newbie. I quickly had the bug and didn’t want to get rid so I entered the Manchester 10K and began running.

13 months on the bug is still invading my body; I am runner, I live running. Just after 3 months I noticed the difference. I became more lean, my diet didn’t really change, I was just running and clocking up the miles. Running has become my life, the magazines, races, medals, the cost the talk and the communities and the freedom and feel good factor of when you’re out beating the pavements and then there is the added benfit of the calouries and fat that it burns and so when I went to choose a t-shirt to wear I grabbed one from the back of the shelf that hasn’t seen the light of day since 2002 and for the first time it doesn’t make me look like a pregnant man. I am very happy as not only do my old clothes fit me, but with those 16 months I have gone from 17 stone to 13, and it’s true that I have cut back on my drinking but I would say I drink like a normal person now. What I didn’t cut back on was my chocolate and treats I just upped my water intake and vegetables and fruit and off course the running, who can forget the running.

Weighing Scales

With dread we stand on them, and with bated breath we wait.

Yes today is about the humble bathroom scales. What we expect to see from them never appears. We stand on them and as the numbers swing back and forth we hold our breath until a number decides to line up under the red line. Of course it is never the number we wish to see. Maybe its our Jumper, or our slippers and so begins the routine of slowly stripping down to your birthday suit, but yet the red line hovers over the incorrect number. Then you have an idea of what it may be. Yes of course the scales are not set properly. The Red line is not exactly over the Zero. And so it begins. You bend down and move the dial a little to the left then back to the right and then to the left until you are satisfied that the line is now over the zero. Once again you stand on the blue area upon the scales and look up nervously. You can hear the disc spinning from right to left and once it has settled you look down to see that the adjustment of the disc only helped you to gain three pounds.

The type of scales at the gym

Right… Boots it is, I will pay a pound and use an electronic machine you think, and with that you get dressed in a little black number feeling depressed and fat and head for work. There you begrudgingly refuse any chocolates or crisps and ask for skimmed milk in your coffee. You are counting down the hours till you can have your Boots Meal Deal Shape Sandwich and pay that pound at the machine which will tell you your BMI is too high.

You approach the scales dreading the stepping on and hearing the words ‘One at a time please’ you wait for the bit of paper which informs you that you are over weight to be printed, and so begins the three-day ritual of eating rabbit food, until you get bored and cave in to the chips or the Chinese on a saturday night.

The reason for this tale is that I weigh different amounts. My Bathroom scales like the picture above tell me I’m 14 stone, The ones in the gym which are a balancing acts of knobs and maybe I’m not using them correctly inform me that I’m 93 or  94Kg  and if you do the maths that turns into 15 Stone. So Which one is correct??? Should I pay my pound to go to Boots and be told that my BMI is too much, or should I not care. After all the weight is built up of muscle and fat. I’m not for minute suggesting I am over 90Kg’s of pure muscle, but I am saying that I am not 90Kg’s of fat.

I have always been fascinated with my weight, as there are people who are larger than me that claim to weigh only elven or twelve stone, I know I am tall, but the only bit of fat that I own is around the belly. It is all beer. But yet I feel that I should have lost some weight with all the gym work I am doing, and I am not exactly over eating. I still it my chocolate and I am getting thinner. My new selection of clothes is evidence of that. So what is weight, is it really a scale of how heavy or healthy we are. A Rugby player can have a BMI of over 30, most of it will be muscle and he would be able to out run skinny Jim with a BMI of twenty odd. I know BMI is not weight, but weight helps calculates your BMI and therefore is an important factor.

But yet I will still step on the scales to see what the outcome is, and whatever the number my mood and approach to life for that day will change. So should be take it at face value. After all our weight can change several times through the day and even if i tell myself it is only a number I know deep down I will always want to know those digits.