All about Me and Why?

A note from the blogger.

Everything is still true apart from the fact I am travelling New Zealand at last. Read the the archives and you will see ho much I’ve wanted this trip to happen. I’m in NZ for a year, hoping to work for DOC, or falling back on my theatre career.

Just a little update, some of the points may not be accurate at the moment like working in theatre as I don’t have a job, and I don’t go to the gym as I’m travelling round in a camper. But it gives you an idea of who I am.

Enjoy the blog…..

Well I am a 30 year old attractive/ugly male (delete applicable), with a nice beard living in Manchester UK. I like beards and think they are cool along with flat caps and Bow-Ties. However I only sport two of those items. So what else do you want to know??? I work in Theatre and enjoy running, but am desperately trying to work for the National Trust or a national park. I hate working in theatre now.

The blog started when I was training for the 10K in 2010. It was suppose to be a insight of my training, but has turned into something a lot more a little bit like the running. It started off as way to loose weight but like a drug its become very addictive.

While the majority of the posts are tales about my running and fitting in the training around my life there are often glimpses of the old man who likes to moan.
If you are new to the blog, and me then the following list will help you decide whether you want to follow this very witty and often intelligent series of events. (In my humble opinion)

1. I like to moan, a lot.

2. I love history, especially Castles, and Medieval stuff. But am also into the industrial revolution so anything to do with Trains or Canals and factories I’m in. Also love bridges as well. I have a top five that I want to see.

2 ii. I’m also a nerd judging by bullet point number 2

3. Love my comedy. Love it. It is the one thing I can’t be without. I will give any new comedian or comedy show a go and I love discovering old comedy. I love anything that is funny, and really like my radio comedy.

4. I work in Theatre

5. I go to the gym

6. I am at the time of writing this engaged to a wonderful blonde girl called Julie who is mega rich. (This one isn’t true. I had a dream I was engaged to someone called Julia who was rich. So not sure when I wrote this down)

7. I love money, probably more than comedy. Love having it, don’t like spending it.

8. Hate Christmas and all that bollocks stuff.

Right anything else you need to know? I like to Tweet and Facebook. But apart from my interesting exciting and busy life, I am a down to earth old before my time fart.

I think I should also ad, I enjoy hiking and love Snowdonia. I am also planning a trip to New Zealand. So come June I will be jetting off for a little working holiday and escaping this dreadful life in the UK.

Enjoy reading the blog.

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