Who Reads This Blog?

This is a simple page, as I look at my stats and see I am attracting 50-70 people reading my blog’s. Admittedly they may not actually be reading them, they may have just been sent here from another bog or tag and clicked the link started to read and thought better of it and navigated away.

So here’s the question? Do I have regular visitors to my posts and who are you? I know one of m friends is a subscriber but what about the rest of you, or are these 60-70 people a day 60-70 different people, if so that means in a year 21,900 people would have read my blog.

Forgive me if I’m sounding rude, but I’m just wondering who reads this stuff, and whether you find it interesting. I use to post on twitter when I had done a new post, and within minutes there would be 5-7 hits of that post which must have been my mates or followers. Where now that I have stopped doing that it is taking time for those posts to be read and I was wondering if they were being read by my mates or by regular followers as I don’t have that many subscribers and I don’t get any feedback.

I’m not writing this blog for people, that is merely just a side line, the main reason for the blog is that I get bored so I write stuff down and get stuff of my chest. The blog was also supposed to be a diary of events of my training but as speeded away from that and snowballed into me just writing down rubbish or complaining about shit, but it would be nice to know that people are reading it, and enjoy or disagree with my thoughts.

But anyway, I just wanted to see if anyone actually read the post at length and were regular visitors. If you are then please click like or comment and say hello.

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Who Reads This Blog?

  1. frederickagustin April 21, 2011 / 10:11

    Uhm ,hello. This one comment is from a human, and not some adbot or some web snifflets… ^_^ well, I am reading this right, ciao.

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